Friday 24th of May 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

Aloe Vera Remedies for Skin

A white, sticky gel could be the solution to all your skin concerns. The gel we are talking about comes from the evergreen perennial succulent plant known as ALOE VERA. You might have read about it or heard people raving about its uses, and it might even be present in some obscurecorner in your balcony. If yes, you are lucky indeed. In this article, we shall tell you in detail about the skin benefits of this plant and how you can concoct different face packs with it with ingredients found at home.

Aloe vera is a commonly used ingredient in herbal concoctions, medicines, and cosmetics. The first reported use was documented in an Egyptian scrollwhere the use of aloe vera gel with other agents to cure various skin and other internal disorders was mentioned. The most beneficial part of this plant is the leaf. These long and succulent appendages contain a potent gel that makes aloe vera such an amazing go-to natural ingredient for skin remedies.


The main constituent of aloe gel is water but it also packs inside it a bulk of minerals, vitamins, and active compounds. Aloe vera can be used in almost any form – cream or gel – which makes it ideal to be marketed as a product in cosmetic and medical fields. Here are the multiple benefits a simple face pack prepared with aloe gel can give you:
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