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Nairobi, Kenya

Design Essentials, A Premium Haircare Company, Introduces A New Product In Kenya.

Kenya, Nairobi: October 28, 2023 In an effort to keep growing throughout Africa, haircare specialty brand Design Essentials®, which treats curly and overly coiled hair, has introduced a new line of hair products into Kenya. The African Chebe Hair Growth Collection was created using native African knowledge and natural African ingredients to satisfy the unique needs of African hair types. It will be sold in Kenya by Belle Afrique Kenya, their six-year distribution partner.
Design Essentials’ International Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Sharon Thompson, made the following remarks during a media launch event in Nairobi:

“We are excited to be in Kenya and present our consumers with the Design Essentials® Chebe line.
They have quickly embraced and valued the functionality of our offerings.
We hope that our business partners will embrace the range to support the expansion of the local hair, beauty, and cosmetics industries and that this new system will fulfill their needs in terms of strengthening hair.

McBride Research Laboratories, an Afro-American-owned company with over thirty years of experience creating hair care products that work for all hair types, is the company that makes Design Essentials.

Natural components from Chad are used to make African Chebe. The Basara Women of Chad have been gathering and combining plantain seeds, cloves, lavender, cherry seeds, crotons, stone fragrance, and resin tree sap for ages, then grinding it into a thin brown powder.
After mixing the powder with either water or oil, a paste resembling a mask is applied to the hair shaft, braided, and kept in until the following wash day, when the procedure is repeated.
Their strong, thick waist-length hair is now admired worldwide as a result of this.

The Basara Women have generously shared their ancient customs with us, and we are honored to use this knowledge, along with our research, development, and manufacturing skills, to create a product that addresses the long-standing issue of African hair growth, retention, and strength. African Chebe is made especially to strengthen, hydrate, and nourish hair.
African Chebe is a product made especially to strengthen, nourish, and revitalize hair. We have promised to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the African Chebe Collection back to the communities in Chad in exchange for their sharing of their indigenous knowledge with us and enabling us to purchase the natural ingredients from them there, Ms. Thompson continued.

The Next Supermodel in Africa

This year’s Africa’s Next Supermodel Finals, a prestigious continental modeling competition and reality TV show, will take place on October 28, 2023, at the Radisson Blu, Uperhill. African Chebe is the Hair Brand Partner for this event and is supporting the Design Essentials Social Responsibility initiative in Africa. African Chebe’s entry into the Kenyan market coincides with this event.
Design Essentials’ core value is giving back, so it makes perfect sense for them to partner with Africa’s Next Super Model as their hair brand.
According to Ms. Thompson, “Design Essentials strongly aligns with Joan Okorodudu’s vision and mission of creating a successful modeling career path for her contestants, some of whom are from refugee camps.”

Braid & Twist-Out Styling Crème, Anti-Breakage Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, Chébé Herbal Pre-Wash Intense Repair Masque, and Strengthening & Moisturizing Styling Mousse are all part of the collection that was just introduced today.

Follow and get in touch with Distributor Belle Afrique Kenya on Instagram at @belleafriquekenya for additional details regarding the range’s availability. 0723 949880 (phone)
Follow Design Essentials on Instagram at @design_essentials_kenya to stay up to date on product updates, promotions, hairstyle advice, and tutorials.

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The Africa Outstanding Professionals Awards, Which Were Held At The Concord Hotel & Suites In Nairobi, Kenya, Honored Sina Tsegazeab Of Natna Hair For Excellence In Beauty And Wellness.

Sina Tsegazeab of Natna Hair received an Africa Outstanding Professionals Award for her work in beauty and wellness

Nairobi, Kenya – September 28, 2023
The esteemed African Outstanding Professionals Award has been given to successful entrepreneur Sina Tsegazeab of Kampala, Uganda. During the second iteration of the event, which was put on by The Business Executive Media Group, the award presentation took place at The Concord Hotel & Suites in Nairobi, Kenya. Distinguished professionals, business titans, and stakeholders gathered to honor Sina’s outstanding accomplishments.

The Essence of the African Outstanding Professionals Award
The African Outstanding Professionals Award, created by the Ghanaian company The Business Executive Media Group with roots in Accra, aims to recognize and identify those who have excelled in a variety of professions.
This honor crosses national boundaries and includes both native Africans and visitors who have made major contributions to the socioeconomic development of the continent.

Who is Sina Tsegazeab?
The founder of Natna Hair (http://natnahair.com), Eritrean-Ugandan businessman Sina Tsegazeab, also holds a diploma in marketing in addition to a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
She started Natna Hair in 2015 after realizing there was a need for high-quality human hair on the market.
She has increased the company’s operations throughout the years to 13 nations, including Dubai, the United States, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

What Sina Says About Natna Hair
Beyond producing outstanding items, Sina has even bigger plans for Natna Hair.
She is dedicated to maintaining Natna Hair on the cutting edge of fashion and technology.
She has recently introduced nourishing shampoo and rejuvenating spray, demonstrating her commitment to advancing whole hair wellbeing.
Natna Hair is more than a company; it’s a movement that stands for sincerity and unadulterated beauty.

Changing the Narrative in Beauty and Wellness
Unrealistic beauty standards are frequently upheld by the beauty and wellness sector, which also largely favors synthetic goods. Sina understood that a change was necessary.
With its selection of human hair services, which includes wigs that are as lusciously curly as goddesses, Natna Hair provides a welcome option.
It serves as a beacon of unadulterated beauty in a world where that is all too frequently the case.

Connecting with Natna Hair
Sina’s commitment to natural health also extends to her clients.
Through its website and social media channels, Natna Hair is an easy company to get in touch with. Discover their selection of wigs and accessories, which are intended to encourage people to appreciate their own natural beauty.
No matter where you live in the world in Nairobi, Accra, or anywhere else Natna Hair brings brilliance to your door.

What Makes Sina Unique
The acclaim Sina won at AFROPA was a result of her dedication to authenticity and the tireless efforts of her staff.
She is rewriting the standards and adopting natural beauty as the new benchmark with her team. She wants to express her gratitude to all of her customers in East Africa and beyond for their steadfast support.
She has faith in her customers, and they have faith in her.
Honored to accept the Africa Outstanding Professionals Award (AFROPA) from the Business Executives in Accra, Ghana, for the @natna_hair_ brand at the Concord Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, as Sina so beautifully puts it.
This accolade makes me think about the journey my outstanding team takes to keep bringing quality to the lifestyle sector.

We are incredibly appreciative of our customers in East Africa for having faith in us even as we launch new products like nourishing shampoo and rejuvenating spray.
#AwardWinningHairBrand #ExcellenceInBeauty #HairIsNecessity ”
Pioneers in the push for a more natural and genuine beauty and wellness sector are Sina and Natna Hair.
Their journey, which was characterized by acclaim and creativity, is an example to everyone.
It’s time to get involved, celebrate your inherent beauty, and benefit from the excellence Sina and Natna Hair provide the world.
Be motivated, sincere, and unique.

Distinguished individuals such as Antony Buluma, President of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association, Ruth Muene, a Communications Expert working with the Kenyan President’s office, and Atong Amos of Triple-A Petroleum in South Sudan were in attendance at the award event.
Their participation accentuated the importance of Sina Tsegazeab’s accomplishment and added splendor to the celebration.

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During the 5-year Anniversary Masterclass, Monalisa Umutoni Offers Beauty Advice to Students

This past Sunday, September 10, 2023, at the Activate Body Therapy Health Club in Kampala, the fifth iteration of the highly sought Mona Masterclass, a beauty extravaganza that every makeup fan dreams of attending, came to a dazzling close.
A new generation of cosmetics enthusiasts emerged in a stunning exhibition of talent and artistry, all taught by Mona and prepared to rule the beauty industry.
This masterclass, which lasted for two exciting days, was very different from the conventional YouTube beauty instructions.

The excited students set out on an illuminating trip through a wide range of elevating sessions that addressed every aspect of beauty, from the finer points of skincare to the most unique and advanced makeup methods.

These were the kinds of insider information that are only shared by experts in the field.
Students were instructed by a prominent group of facilitators, including Monalisa Umutoni, who helped them not only hone their skills but also discover how to transform their passion into a successful business. Bhavya Kalsi, in particular, dug into the subtleties of personal branding and social media marketing, giving these aspiring artists the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.
Thanks to Vicland, the champagne was flowing, and the students were enjoying themselves while studying.

Imagine attending a small class of 50 cosmetics enthusiasts who are all eagerly soaking up every nugget of knowledge from these great teachers. Their creative blank slate?

The students were able to put their newly acquired talents to use on the beautiful faces of models Nkwanzi and Bhavya, who kindly provided their faces as a canvas for the students to work on.
There is more, though.
Participants received more than simply a wealth of new information and insider advice.
They didn’t; instead, they took home a goodie bag filled to the brim with luxurious beauty goodies.
Among these coveted items were the recently released Mona Magic Mist, a collection of premium brushes, opulent goods from Zaron Cosmetics, a skincare line from Nigeria, Bio Balance essentials, the irresistibly stylish Dapper by Rach lipsticks, and chic Khwezi Beauty headbands, to name a few.
These lucky attendees undoubtedly left with their hearts full of beautiful finds and bags brimming with goodies.

As students began skin testing with Bio Balance on the first day, it was all about putting the theory into practice and making sure they had a strong foundation in skincare, which is essential for any makeup artist.

Day two saw the captivating world of eyes in the limelight. Students gained knowledge of the complex methods that can effortlessly change a daylight appearance into a seductive evening masterpiece.
Later that day, Beefeater Pink Gin provided sponsorship for the cocktail celebration.
The Mona Masterclass is more than simply a gathering; it’s a life-changing experience that equips participants with the abilities, information, and goods needed to up their game in the world of beauty.

These recently graduated makeup artists are now prepared to make their mark in the realm of elegance and allure since they have the equivalent of a VIP backstage pass in the beauty industry.

About Monalisa Umutoni
When Mona was a little child, she used to play with her mother’s cosmetics, which eventually led to her becoming a makeup artist.
Little did Mona realize that her future profession in beauty would be shaped by this event.
Mona started practicing with friends and family members after learning about YouTube tutorials when she was a college student.
Soon after, she began her beauty shoots, and Instagram reacted positively right away.
Mona made the decision to pursue her love as a full-time career after becoming more and more well-known.
She started out as a freelance makeup artist in 2015, and as her clientele grew, so did her range of prospects.

Mona established up her first makeup studio in 2016, the first of its type in Uganda, when she realized she needed more room and supplies to handle the growing demand.
With 10 females on her team today, all of whom have had professional makeup training, Mona’s team is a flourishing business with two locations.

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Introducing Studio Fix Every-wear All-over Face Pen To The Kenyan Market By Mac Cosmetics

The Studio Fix Every-Wear All-Over Face Pen, a much-anticipated addition to MAC Cosmetics’ Studio Fix brand, was unveiled at a series of exciting in-store activations that took place throughout Nairobi.
These activations, which involved working with well-known figures from the beauty business, were held at several MAC Stores in Sarit Centre, Village Market, and The Junction Mall.

A revolutionary product that accommodates every hue and fashion is the Studio Fix Every-Wear All-Over Face Pen.
This ground-breaking high-control face pen, which comes in a wide spectrum of 33 hues, expertly combines the advantages of foundation and concealer.
Users benefit from the control, comfort, and flawless results because of its cutting-edge formulation, which offers transfer- and waterproof coverage.

For spot-concealing or all-over coverage, the Studio Fix Every-Wear can be applied with a single pen click.
The product effortlessly provides flawless coverage with a natural matte finish that lasts for about 36 hours, guaranteeing an appearance that is devoid of creases and cakeiness.
Siphesihle Ngalonkulu, the Sub-Saharan Africa Marketing Manager for MAC, stated, “We are happy that the Studio Fix collection has entered the Kenyan market. This innovative product combines comfort and efficiency.
Our customers can acquire the immaculate and fresh appearance they desire thanks to our skill and expertise.
We are sure that our consumers will adore the flawless application, organic matte finish, and additional hydration and protection benefits.

The Studio Fix Every-Wear All-Over Face Pen’s delicate fluid texture melts into the skin to give it a second-skin effect. A potent combination of chemicals, including moisturizing hyaluronic acid, stimulating caffeine, and shielding vitamin E, enables this.
It provides excellent covers and nourishes the skin, boosting moisture levels by up to 53% after just one week of usage moisture levels rise by 44% right away.

Users of the Studio Fix Every-Wear All-Over Face Pen can click it on, tap it in, and build it up to suit their needs, It is versatile and adaptable.
This product is made to match your versatility and creativity, whether it’s for covering up discoloration, hiding dark circles, or enhancing your contour.

About Mac Cosmetics

The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. is the parent company of M.A.C. (Make-Up Art Cosmetics), a well-known professional cosmetics brand worldwide. The company had modest beginnings over 30 years ago in Toronto, Canada, but has grown tremendously successful because of word-of-mouth advertising and international contributions from makeup artists, models, photographers, and journalists.
In excess of 130 nations and territories worldwide currently sell M.A.C. products. Follow M.A.C. on social media platforms like Facebook (facebook.com/maccosmetics), Instagram (instagram.com/maccosmetics), YouTube (youtube.com/maccosmetics), Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest (@MACcosmetics) to stay up to date with all of the company’s latest news.
Please visit maccosmetics.com to find an M.A.C. store near you.

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35 Black-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands to Support for Juneteenth and Always

A holiday honoring the emancipation of enslaved African Americans is Juneteenth, which falls on June 19. #ShopBlack from Black-owned businesses is a fantastic actionable method to assist organizations fighting against racial injustice, in addition to educating ourselves, promoting conversations with family, friends, and coworkers, and donating to such organizations.

We’ve compiled a list of Black-owned fashion and beauty retailers so you may support Black business owners today and every other day of the year. Black company owners contend with the ongoing struggle against structural racism and racial injustice, which have pervaded American society for centuries, as well as with the daily stress of keeping a business afloat.
The importance of supporting these businesses cannot be overstated as we work to make systems in both our nation and the rest of the globe better.

The Black companies in the fashion and beauty industries that we appreciate are mentioned below. Learn more about these incredible brands by scrolling through them.

1. Andrea Iyamah
This striking and expressive clothes, swimwear, and resort-wear business is the work of Nigerian fashion designer Andrea Dumebi Iyamah. Her designs draw inspiration from natural components and incorporate daring jewel tones, which are influenced by her African ancestry.

2. Beauty Bakerie
Cashmere, the founder of Beauty Bakerie The cruelty-free makeup for lips, eyes, and face in Nicole’s line of cosmetics, which is inspired by baked delicacies, comes in a variety of colors. You have definitely seen items from this charming cosmetics line if you frequent Target.

3. BeautyBeez
Brittney Ogike created Beautybeez as a response to the dearth of Black haircare products produced in Los Angeles. Women of color can shop at Beautybeez for the greatest wigs, extensions, skincare, makeup, and hair care products. Additionally, visitors to Los Angeles can visit the flagship location, unwind in the on-site spa, get braids from on-staff hairdressers, or simply explore a space made exclusively for them.

4. SPF for Black Girls
Black Girl Sunscreen is a pioneer in developing sunscreen without the dreaded white cast that is left by other lotions. It was one of the first companies to develop sun protection specifically designed for deeper skin. The collection of perfectly transparent sunscreens moisturizes and shields skin with pigmentation.

5. Bolden
The California-based skincare line BOLDEN will help you achieve the best skin of your life and has been featured in publications including Cosmopolitan, The Cut, Forbes, and more. Its goods are vegan and free of animal testing, including its acne treatments, dark spot correctors, shine enhancers, and other cosmetics.

6. Bossy Cosmetics
Aishetu Fatima Dozie made the decision to found a beauty company that cares about how women feel, starting from the inside and moving out, after spending twenty years exhausted in corporate finance.
Bossy Cosmetics’ primary principle is to encourage ambitious women to feel well, look good, and do good all at once by providing them with ethically created beauty products.

7. Brandon Blackwood
Brandon Blackwood is a genius of fashion who creates statement-making bags, outerwear, and accessories. Megan Thee Stallion, a singer and style icon, is among the numerous admirers of his vibrant and colorful outfits.

8. Bread Beauty Supply
The founder and CEO of Bread Beauty Supply, Maeva Heim, creates clean recipes for co-wash and shampoo alternatives for kinky, curly, or coily hair.

9. The Brother Vellies
Brother Vellies, which was founded by Aurora James, draws its inspiration from conventional African design methods. World-renowned craftspeople from all around the world make their fashionable accessories.

10. Briogeo
Nancy Twine, the founder of Briogeo, draws inspiration from her grandmother’s homemade beauty recipes to develop performance-driven haircare products with healthy components.

11. ByChari
Everyone from Michelle Obama to Selena Gomez has sported the personalized letter necklaces from ByChari, founded by Jamaican-born jewelry designer, Chari Cuthbert.

12. Camille Rose Naturals
Janell Stephens, CEO and founder of Camille Rose has led the way in advancing inclusivity in the cosmetics sector since 2011.
As one of the most well-known and widely available Black-owned brands on the market, Camille Rose is currently sold at a number of retailers, including Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, Sally’s Beauty, Whole Foods, Walgreens, CVS, and others. The company sells a wide range of candles, bath and body products, as well as haircare items.

13. Coco and Breezy Eyewear
Eyewear by Coco and Breezy Corianna and Brianna Dotson are twin sisters who are also designers and DJs.
The biggest names in music, like Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj, have worn their eyewear designs. The company sells optical and sunglasses.

14. EleVen by Venus Williams
The tennis core trend is still going strong for summer 2023, and who better to buy tennis whites from than champion athlete Venus Williams? Her activewear brand has plenty of adorable pieces you’ll want to wear on and off the court.

15. Fenty Beauty
Is there anything Rihanna can’t do? She has successful skincare and makeup businesses in addition to her lingerie and lounge lines. Although Fenty Beauty’s vibrant highlighters, hydrating toners, and other products are also deserving of the buzz, the company is most recognized for its industry-leading selection of foundation hues.

16. Flawless by Gabrielle Union
We trust Gabrielle Union with all things beautiful since she hasn’t changed one bit since she became a teen romcom star in the 1990s.
Affordable hair products are produced by her beauty company, Flawless by Gabrielle Union, for all hair types, textures, and lengths.

17. House of Aama
Designed by mother and daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, House of Aama’s timeless clothing and accessories convey the Black experience with storytelling and nostalgic, historical references.

18. Kim Kimble Signature Collection
Hollywood hairstylist Kim Kimble’s brand offers haircare, hair repair products, accessories, and styling tools great for curly hair textures.

19. KNC Beauty
KNC Beauty by Kristen Noel Crawley is where you can shop chic, star-shaped, retinol-infused eye masks and collagen-infused lip masks, both made with natural ingredients.

20. We Dream In Colour
From designer and illustrator Jade Gedeon, We Dream In Colour offers colorful, handmade statement jewelry inspired by nature. Celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington, and Zendaya have worn her pieces.

21. Vitae London
The London-based watch firm, led by founder and CEO William Adoasi, creates classic, budget-friendly watches with a vintage flair.
With the help of House of Wells and Pen To Paper Ghana, each watch purchase gives solar lights or school uniforms to children in Africa.

22. Vernon François Haircare
The line of natural hair accessories, styling tools, and care products from celebrity hairstylist Vernon François is available.

23. Ustawi
The skincare line by Ustawi, which takes its name from the Swahili word for “wellness,” was created with melanin-rich skin in mind.
Abbott Elementary’s Sheryl Lee Ralph used the brand to get her complexion red-carpet-ready for the American Music Awards. The brand was developed in collaboration with board-certified dermatologists to give the most effective and safe products for your skin. For her trademark shine, singer Cassie also swears by the company’s vitamin C serum.

24. UOMA Beauty
UOMA is the home of cutting-edge makeup products made for everyone and was founded by former beauty executive Sharon Chuter, who is of Nigerian descent.
One of the line’s most notable products is the honor-winning Say What?! Foundation.
The foundation is offered in 51 hues and is available in six Skin Kins formulations, which are specially created to meet the specific requirements of various skin color groups.

25. Telfar
The New York-based unisex fashion line is founded by 2017 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Telfar Clemens, who designs apparel, jewelry and the popular (consistently sold-out) Telfar logo shopping bags dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin.”

26. Sunday II Sunday
The founder, Keenan Beasley, created the haircare line Sunday II Sunday after taking inspiration from the ladies in his life who lead active, busy lives.
The formulation of the items includes active substances to replenish moisture loss brought on by sweat, accumulation, and environmental deterioration.

27. Savage X Fenty
This list would not be complete without discussing the clothing line of one of our favorite pop stars. The goal of Rihanna’s apparel line is to allow consumers to express themselves while looking and feeling beautiful.

28. Salone Monet
The Sable sandal style and the Jone pump style, both by Monet, come in six colors ranging from light to dark. Several celebrities, like Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, and Keke Palmer, have been spotted wearing Monet’s essential shoes.

29. Riot Swim
Founded by Monti Landers, Riot Swim is where you can find sexy, minimalist-style bikinis and one-pieces.

30. Pat McGrath Labs
The legendary beauty mogul, Pat McGrath, has transformed the cosmetics industry with her cutting-edge makeup. Shopping from her website, you’ll have trouble not putting everything in your cart.

31. Nuele Hair
Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola and Anne Cheatham founded Nuele Hair, a company that enables women of all hair textures to achieve any hairstyle without the need for chemical relaxers or keratin, by combining their skills in biology and chemistry.

32. Nubian Skin
London-based Nubian Skin Ade Hassan established Nubian Skin in order to address the issue of the absence of naked underwear on the market for women of color. The company sells swimwear, intimates, and hosiery.

33. Moodeaux
Thanks to its pure ingredients, minimalistic packaging, and Instagram-worthy aesthetic, Brianna Arps’ up-and-coming business has taken off in the independent fragrance market. Her entire range of fragrances is focused on using the benefits of aromatherapy to improve your mood.

34. Mented Cosmetics 
When they couldn’t locate the ideal nude lip color for their skin tone, co-founders Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller started Mented Cosmetics. From their original nude lipsticks, Mented has extended to include all categories of cosmetics that provide hues for ladies with dark skin tones.

35. Mayvenn 
Diishan Imira, the founder of Mayvenn, was raised in a family of hairdressers and started the company to offer high-quality hair extensions in a variety of textures and colors.
The company also offers a seamless online shopping experience for the sale of wigs, bundles, frontals, and closures.
In several Walmart stores in Dallas and Houston, Texas, you can also stop by Mayvenn Beauty Lounges.

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L’Oréal Paris Unveils Thuso Mbedu As The Brand’s Ambassador and spokesperson for Sub Saharan Africa

Every year on the French Riviera in the beautiful city of Cannes, the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival serves as a shining example of superior artistic achievement. L’Oréal Paris, a beauty company dedicated to women’s empowerment and beauty innovation, is happy to introduce the renowned South African actress Thuso Mbedu as the new brand ambassador and spokesperson for Sub-Saharan Africa. L’Oréal Paris is the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival.

On the red carpet and in the breathtaking beauty and fashion photos she posed for, her presence as L’Oréal Paris’ guest of honor was felt.

L’oréal Paris Sub-saharan Africa’s New Face
Mbedu will contribute her distinct viewpoint to regional advertising campaigns, product launches, and public appearances as the brand ambassador and spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Her love of beauty and talent for engaging audiences will be crucial in strengthening the brand’s relationship with its devoted patrons.

Thuso Mbedu, The Rising Star
Thuso Mbedu is a well-known actress who was raised in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and whose memorable performances have made an impression on both national and global stages. Her performance as Winnie in “Is’thunzi” in 2016 propelled her into the public eye and earned her two nominations for an International Emmy Award.

“One never thought of themselves as attractive growing up; I never dreamed that one day I would have the privilege of serving as the first Sub-Saharan African spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris. a company with a strong commitment to diversity, sisterhood, and feminism that advocates for the empowerment of women. I’ve so far appreciated learning about the cutting-edge technology that powers L’Oréal’s product line and the revolutionary advancements made in understanding African skin. I’m honored to represent my African group within an outstanding worldwide brand because their products are amazing.

Mbedu gained more recognition when she played Cora Randall in the Amazon Prime Video series “The Underground Railroad,” which is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Colson Whitehead.

Her most recent performance with Viola Davis in Sony’s “The Woman King” solidified her position in international film. She was named one of The New York Times’ 10 Best Actors of 2022 and Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch for 2022 thanks to her portrayal of “Nawi,” a committed recruit in an all-female military squad.

More Than Just An Actor
Mbedu’s philanthropic endeavors go beyond the realm of popular culture.
Thuso Mbedu is actively involved in humanitarian projects that promote awareness of a variety of topics, particularly those that deal with education and the welfare of children and youth, in addition to her successful acting career.

When Mbedu joined the Board of Advisors of the international non-profit organization Save The Children in 2021, she demonstrated her commitment to empowering young girls and giving them the educational tools they need to thrive. Together with the other members of the Board of Advisors, Thuso serves as an advisory body and serves as a sounding board to discuss issues and identify solutions.

opportunities. Her current position has changed, and it is now known as Partnerships and Engagement Advisors.
She recently traveled to Diepkloof to witness the enormous, palpable effects that Choma Mag and the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) have had on the neighborhood.

Her unshakable dedication to leveraging her platform for good is strongly in line with L’Oréal Paris’ brand values and mission. Together, they hope to encourage people from all walks of life to embrace their beauty, celebrate variety, and cultivate confidence.

A New Phase In African Life
“We are thrilled to welcome Thuso Mbedu into our L’Oréal Paris family,” said L’Oréal Paris Sub-Saharan Africa. “This partnership with Thuso Mbedu is intended to transform beauty standards and inspire a wave of self-worth and confidence across the continent. She truly embodies our purpose with her extraordinary talent, ageless beauty, and dedication to helping others.

We are eager to start on this amazing adventure with you in order to encourage people to embrace their individuality and appreciate their inner beauty.
Burkhard Pieroth, president of L’Oréal in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The Body Shop Enters The Kenyan Beauty Market And Plans To Launch An E-commerce Platform In The First Half Of 2023.

In an effort to address the rising demand for cosmetics made in an ethical and sustainable manner, the international beauty brand The Body Shop has announced its arrival into the Kenyan market.

Through their exclusive franchisee, The Mask Retailers, the British-founded, trend-setting cosmetics business, which sells over 800 products, opens its first location in Nairobi at the Village Market. The Body Shop also announced intentions to introduce an e-commerce platform in 2023 to make its products more accessible to customers in the East Africa region.

“Kenya is a fast-developing economy that is well-positioned to attract major brands looking to strategically have a portion of this market,” stated Sarah Jackson, The Body Shop EMEA & LatAm Franchise Business Director regarding the launch.

Kenyan customers are very concerned with a company’s value for their money as well as how morally and socially responsible it is along its full value chain. Over 800 goods from The Body Shop are available to consumers who want high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care, and cosmetics that are made ethically and responsibly.

The Body Shop is renowned for its high-quality, naturally-inspired cosmetic and toiletry products. It is also well-known throughout the world for having pioneered the idea that business can be a force for good, for setting new standards for business ethics, and for persistently advocating for change on behalf of those who lack a strong voice.

The Body Shop Kenya store was created with the brand’s objective to reduce its environmental impact in mind, Ms. Jackson added.
Reclaimed wood and recyclable plastic that was going to the garbage were used in its construction.
Worktops are built entirely of reclaimed wood, while the facade is constructed out of low-energy metals that are infinitely recyclable: zinc and aluminum.
Customers may also buy a refillable 300 ml aluminum bottle, which they can fill with any of the top-selling shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and hand washes from 12 different brands.

The Body Shop began obtaining tea tree oil from the east coast and the foothills of Mount Kenya in 2020. They did this in collaboration with the Kutoka Ardhini (Swahili for “from the ground”) group, which obtains the essential component via a network of more than 1,000 farmers.

This is done through The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade program, which assists producers in opening up new markets and funding community-beneficial social and environmental initiatives. The Community Fair Trade program is a global initiative that includes around 13,500 farmers, producers, and craftsmen.

Products from The Body Shop are created with a regard for the environment and a dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices.
They are free of cruelty and support people in feeling good about themselves, their bodies, and their futures, especially women and girls.
The company creates unique products using premium natural ingredients that are ethically and responsibly raised and purchased.

About The Body Shop

The Body Shop has stated that this year, as part of its Christmas community support, it is undertaking an activism campaign dubbed “Be Seen. Be Heard” to amplify young voices in the halls of power. This is in addition to helping local farmers.
Each purchase made over the holiday season will assist The Body Shop in donating a minimum of £500,000 to organizations worldwide that support young people who are giving back to their communities and working to make the world a more just and joyful place.

The Body Shop is a well-known beauty brand that was established in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick in Brighton, England. It is also a B CorpTM accredited company. By providing high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, body care, hair care, and cosmetics that are ethically and sustainably made, The Body Shop hopes to have a good impact on the world.
By providing high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, body care, hair care, and makeup that is created ethically and sustainably, The Body Shop hopes to have a good impact on the world. Having established the notion that business can be a force for good, this ethos continues to be the inspiration for the brand. In more than 70 countries, The Body Shop runs almost 3,000 retail outlets.

Over 70 nations are home to about 3,000 The Body Shop retail stores.
The Body Shop is a member of Natura &Co, a global, multi-channel, multi-brand cosmetics conglomerate that is dedicated to achieving positive economic, social, and environmental impact, together with Avon, Aesop, and Natura.

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Work With Smile Leads To Success: An Exclusive Beauty Business Interview With Sina Tsegazeab Founder Of Natna Natural Hair

The renowned and high-quality hair distribution company Natna Hair, with headquarters in Uganda, recently debuted its newest item as part of the launch of its new collection.
The brand has been on the fast track to success, even releasing products not just for women but for men, in a time when appearance and self-care are the norms.
A couple of the products that the company’s catalog highlights are hair extensions for balding men and beard extensions.

We had an exclusive opportunity to speak with the company’s executive Sina Tsegazeab, who explains to us what this new collection means to their customers and why self-care and beauty are no longer a luxury but rather a way of life.

Ann Mumbi: What is Natna Natural Hair all about?

Sina Tsegazeab: Natna hair is a brand that deals with carefully selected human hair weaves, wigs, lace wigs, ponytails, closures, lashes, and so on.
All our products are made from 100% human hair that has no plastic, fiber or synthetic added.
You’re able to wash, dye, color, set, and do everything with them.

AM: When and how did you get into the hair and beauty industry?

ST: I started working in the cosmetics industry in 2013. It’s funny how I got into the business.

To cut a long tale short, buyers began to complain that the items weren’t up to par and were of poor quality after receiving a sizable purchase.
They were going through a terrible period, so they started seeking someone to give them advice.

As they were doing this, they remembered me, so I joined to offer assistance.

Because I used to plait weaves frequently, I had some knowledge.

They later found the business to be tough to manage, so they offered me an opportunity if I could take over.
I took over, changed the brand, and now I’m here.

AM: What were you doing before you decided to set up Natna Hair?

ST: I was a student at Cavendish University studying online marketing prior to starting the company.

AM: What was the catalyst in your journey?

ST: I constantly strive to be at the top of my game.

AM: How would you describe your signature look?

ST: decent, corporate office appearance.

AM: How important are the ingredients in hair care products?

ST: In brief, it’s like food, and nutritious food is necessary for our bodies, and the same is true of hair and hair products.
The components in hair care products are more significant than you can possibly understand.

AM: What’s a hair care secret that you wish more people knew?

ST: Using natural treatments prior to washing your hair and being aware of your hair type’s requirements.

AM: How important do you think it is for people to have a regular hair care regimen?

ST: Most individuals overlook the fact that taking care of one’s hair should be part of a routine, much like taking care of one’s skin or exercising.

AM: A client comes in and asks for a style that you do not think will suit their face.
How do you respond?

ST: So, in situations like that, the first thing I do is tell them why that wouldn’t be ideal for them. Most of the time, they comprehend and are willing to attempt what I advise. If not, I value their viewpoint.

AM: What treatment methods would you recommend if a client came in with hair damaged from excessive dye?

SM: They should first take a break from dyeing their hair for a while before deep conditioning it.

AM: What credentials and licenses do you have in fields related to hair styling?

SM: I am a qualified hair technologist (not a hairstylist), and I am familiar with all the procedures involved in producing and gathering human hair from donors, as well as the industrial process, how to distinguish between different hair grades, which origins are best for various styles, etc.
An expert in this process is referred to as a hair technician. I learned how to style, make wigs, and ventilate hair on my own.

AM: How do you try to stay up-to-date on current hairdressing trends?

SM: This is simple for me because I now understand how to start a trend rather than just follow one.

AM: Have you ever experienced a situation where a client wasn’t happy with the finished look?
If so, how did you handle a case?

SM: I am not a hair stylist, so I can’t really point anything out.

AM: Why should anyone use your service or product?

SM: That’s a really lovely question.
One is that customers will receive excellent value for their money, long-lasting products that will help them preserve their appearance, and the greatest possible customer service.

AM: You started working in the hair and beauty industry several years ago, how has the industry changed since you began?

SM: It has undergone numerous changes.
People can distinguish between the many hair types and whether or not it is human hair, which makes our job simple.

AM: Any plans to come up with a new product line?

SM: Oh yes, it’s 80% done, and we are going to launch it very soon.

AM: What is your brand philosophy?

SM: To constantly offer high-quality hair and products at reasonable costs, together with customer service that makes each engagement with our brand satisfying for our customers.

AM: What are the 5 most popular beauty products you use?


  1. Neutrogena scrub
  2. Dove hair conditioner
  3. MAC foundation studio fix
  4. Bio-oil
  5. Olay sunscreen

AM: How long have you been in the Hairline business?

SM: My brand is currently 7 years old, having started in 2015.

AM: What are your 5 beauty do’s and don’ts?


The beauty do’s for me are:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Deep conditioning
  3. Exercising
  4. Steaming
  5. Scrubbing

The don’ts on the other hand are:

  1. Bleaching
  2. Using cheap products
  3. Having heavy makeup on daily

AM: Does everyone look better with weaved hair or wigs?

SM: Everyone can look good wearing weaves, for sure. The same cannot be said for wigs, though.

AM: If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible hair, what do you do?

SM: Well, this can’t happen because for photo shoots and shows we come knowing what to do and the model also comes knowing that she has to come in a specific style.

AM: Beauty Instagram profiles have become a major influence on the hair and beauty industry, but you keep yours quite personal, how important social platforms are for you?

SM: Yes, you’re correct that Instagram influencers are growing in popularity, but I chose to promote my brand on my own instead because it seemed more logical to do so.

AM: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you? (Provide your Instagram, website, and Facebook page if any please)

SM: You can follow us across all platforms @Natnahair.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest
  7. Website

Thank You

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Red Carpet Dresses: Best Dressed Kenyan Celebrities And Beauty Influencers At L’oréal Paris Launch 2022

Without saying anything, fashion is the only way to express yourself. It reflects your personal style, elegance, mood, and personality.
Celebrities play a large part in shaping our society when it comes to fashion inspiration.
Nairobi fashion hub compiled a list of the top 10 most fashionable Kenyan women who rocked the red carpet at the L’Oréal Paris Kenya Launch.
On Instagram and YouTube, the majority of the trendy Kenyan female celebs and beauty influencers included here have a sizable following.

Taking a look at the best and boldest ensembles from the L’Oréal Paris Kenya Launch gives you a good idea of where the red carpet stands right now. The winning looks were elegant yet unique, and they should continue to inspire fashionistas for years to come.

1 Catherine Kamau

Catherine Kamau Karanja, better known by her stage names “Celina” and “Kate Actress,” is a Kenyan actress who has won numerous awards.
She rose to prominence thanks to her portrayal as Celina in the Citizen TV drama Mother In-Law. Sue na Jonie, Plan B, and Disconnect are just a few of the films she has been in.

2. Maureen Bandari

The Funshion Mistress, Maureen Bandari, is a passionate fashion blogger who has expanded into hair and beauty care to become a household name in Kenya

3. Sarah Hassan

4. Joyce Maina

5. Shely Sophisticated

6. Pearls and Loaf

7. Maureen Lwanga

8. Lydia Karleen Mukami

9. Anita Nderu

10. Jackie Matubia


As the month of June approaches, the temperatures begin to increase, allowing us to break out our summer staples. There are plenty of style ideas to steal from the celebrity set when it comes to designing your summer wardrobe, whether you’re a fan of a summer maxi, simple slips, or classic white dresses.


It never hurts to look to the stars for some fashion inspiration, whether you’re stuck in a style rut or simply want to treat yourself to some new investment purchases.

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L’Oréal Paris Launches in Kenya: Days After Rihanna’s Fenty Launched in Nairobi, a French Beauty Brand Debuts in Kenya 

L’Oréal Paris has officially entered the Kenyan market, expanding its reach in the beauty sector with the launch of a comprehensive range of products tailored exclusively for the Kenyan market.

Rising customer demand for luxury but affordable beauty and personal care products is driving the brand’s entry into Kenya, according to the company, which prides itself on being a pioneer in beauty science, Parisian, and a feminine brand that empowers women through its famous slogan “Because you’re worth it.”

“L’Oréal Paris provides quality, efficacy, and innovation to a market with a rising consumer base but a big number of potential consumers who are mostly untapped,” stated Serge Sacre, Managing Director of L’Oréal East Africa.

The brand has made its top-rated Revitalift Filler Range, which targets various skin types, available. The product was created to protect consumers’ skin from UV damage and fine wrinkles while also encouraging a healthy and young appearance.
L’Oréal is relying on its research and development center to generate products that cater to local tastes. L’Oréal spends 4% of its income on research & development at the moment.

Sacre noted that the business might grow from its current 30% penetration to a billion-dollar market in five years, up from its present estimated value of $200 million.
L’Oréal employs more than 85,400 people in 140 countries.

Sacre noted that the business might grow from its current 30% penetration to a billion-dollar market in five years, up from its present estimated value of $200 million.
L’Oréal employs more than 85,400 people in 140 countries.

According to a survey by research firm Grandsview, the global anti-aging products market, which was valued at $ 40.49 billion in 2020, is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4 percent from 2021 to $ 60.26 billion by 2028.

Consumer awareness of age-related skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, combined with a rising willingness to pay on products that help them proclaim their skin youthfulness, will boost market demand during the projection period, according to the research organization.

Experts from the sector, including scientists, dermatologists, distributors, and celebrities, gathered in Nairobi for the debut.

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