Sunday 21st of July 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

A Slay Queens’ Guide To Etiquette

A Slay Queens’ Guide To Etiquette will help you manoeuvre through awkward situations.

You always need to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for anything.

She might be rough around the edges but she knows that if she plays the part then everything will fall into place. She knows that etiquette is lacking nowadays but she’ll never be a casualty of this. She’d never be caught dead placing a toothpick in her mouth trying to dig out chunks of meat from the abyss.

So we put together, a few tips if it’s your first time dining in that exclusive high-end place.

Always wait for everyone to be seated and for the hostess to serve them before you start eating.

Keep your cellphone away while you eat and make friendly conversation with others. Stay away from topics that always stir people the wrong way like politics and religion unless you’re trying to stand out for a reason.

Always read the invitation. Nobody dresses up in black to an all-white party unless you’re the one throwing the party.

Don’t drink too much because you’re not there to make a scene out of yourself. Also, you never know who’s watching and you don’t want to scare away your prey in case you’re hunting fresh meat.

Take off your sunglasses whenever you’re talking to someone so that you don’t seem rude. How else will they see your flawless contouring and smouldering eyes?

Be punctual. Fashionably late, of course.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Respect people’s personal space. The same way that you have nightmares about how you used to endure matatus.

Take a thoughtful gift.

Don’t wave your selfie stick everywhere talking about how you’re a vlogger. Have some self-respect for yourself.

Avoid rude jokes about the party, host or food because gossip travels fast. Keep your eye to the ground for details that might help you in the long run.