Friday 14th of June 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

Janet Mbugua Launches Inua Dada Foundation Centre In Korogocho Slum, Nairobi

Janet Mbugua Has Opened A Center For Young Girls In Korogocho Slums To Walk In And Get Free Sanitary Towels, Undergarments, And Toilet Papers. The Inua Dada Foundation Is Honored To Launch The Inua Dada Center,

From the inception of Inua Dada, the foundation seeks to amplify and intervene in matters regarding Menstrual Inequality, Gender Equality, and fighting Gender-Based Violence(GBV). Over the last few years, through the distribution of Dignity Kits, publishing ‘My First Time’  (a first of its kind in the region, which seeks to address period stigma and policy), and now through the Inua Dada Centre, the foundation is providing safe spaces, both on the digital front on the ground, to create awareness in social justice issues, access to reproductive health and rights information, psychosocial support for survivors of GBV and support for teen mothers, uplifting the community one girl at a time.

“I hold the firm belief that when everyone is included, everyone wins and this is the only way we can ensure that gender equity and economic empowerment programs continue being prioritized across the social and political spectrum.

Spaces like the one in Korogocho should exist everywhere, because they offer a chance for people to gain knowledge and access, allowing them a fair chance to thrive. A core element of the work we have slowly begun carrying out is a focus on public speaking, which allows for people to articulate their issues and demand their rights. In many ways, the worlds of advocacy, access,  agency, and amplification come alive through the center and on to our platforms, at Inua Dada” says Janet Mbugua, Founder of the Inua Dada Foundation.

With the mission to create a supportive and accessible environment primarily for school girls, as well as women in Kenya, the organization has been able to empower thousands of girls and women over the years and held various media and advocacy events that have reached thousands in Kenya and beyond.

“Even the best cooking pot cannot produce food without the effort of the cook. Community members must be enabled, through gender-sensitive interventions to meaningfully participate in the process of policy development and implementation.

#LeaveNoOneBehind  #TheMarchContinues’’ Says Dr. Ademola Olajide, United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) Representative for Kenya.

Inua Dada Foundation is largely advocacy driven and has introduced the #InuaDadaVoices, a program that is also part of the global Generation Equality Forum, which works with young people in training them on digital advocacy in addressing social injustices such as GBV.

The Inua Dada Centres, In Korogocho Informal Settlement, and in Mombasa are working with women and girls from informal settlements, providing psycho-social support and access to information and products linked to Menstrual Health Management.

In 2020, Janet released her first book, ‘My First Time’, a collection of short stories from women, girls, and men on their first interaction with menstruation. Globally, half a billion women and girls lack access to menstrual products, widening the Gender Equality gap. A book is a tool for a much-needed conversation around sexual and reproductive health and rights and a tool to influence policy change around Menstrual Hygiene and Management.

“There is a lot of work that remains to be done and the center addresses aspects of this. We would like to double our efforts on the digital front and on-ground through the center, reaching close to 5,000 girls and women by mid-2022 and 10 million on our digital footprint,” adds Janet Mbugua.

As The Inua Dada Korogocho Center launches, Ms. H.E Nadia Abdalla, Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of ICT, advises young people out there to not ever doubt themselves. They have so much to offer to the community, what they need to do is to look deep inside and focus on themself and be unapologetic about what they want for themselves.

For media inquiries and information about the launch please contact
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Contact courtesy of The Inua Dada Foundation & Nairobi fashion hub