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Shop Zetu Powering Fashion Made in Kenya: The Future of Fashion Industry In Kenya is Bright

When Shop Zetu’s “Powering Fashion Made in Kenya” event first began, Wandia Gichuru, CEO and Co-Founder of both Shop Zetu and Vivo Group, who had only been in the business for a little over ten years, said that Kenyans were not only ready and willing to support local brands, but were also more than willing to put in the effort necessary to produce high-quality goods.

Several different groups of interested parties came together at the event on July 18, 2022, to talk about how we may cooperate more effectively in support of “Kenyans wearing Kenyan.” HEVA Fund’s Wakiuru Njuguna, Caroline Mutoko, Anne Mutahi, Connie Aluoch, Patricia Kihoro, Esther Nyawira, the founder of Elsie Glamour, and Sandstorm Kenya’s Mark Stephenson served as the moderators.

“The fashion sector is designated as a priority industry and as one of the pathways to industrialization in Kenya’s Vision 2030 because of its incredible economic potential and its capacity to create large numbers of jobs, generate income, strengthen trade, accelerate technology adoption, attract investment, and foster local entrepreneurship” (with the majority being women and youth entrepreneurs).

However, a recent survey’s findings revealed that only 5% of Kenyans buy any clothing or accessories created in Kenya. In a recent study, the British Council found that “the Kenyan fashion market has been described as complex, and hard to figure out and satisfy.” This is both a significant difficulty and a significant opportunity for the entire value chain.

Instagram stories with the hashtag #MadeinKenya were filled with new Kenyan products to check out as well as insights from the event that individuals in attendance learnt.

“A family, a community, and an enterprise are not built by one person. For this amazing opportunity fashion created in Kenya to flourish, cooperation will be essential. My main takeaway from the discussion on #WeWearKenyan powered by #Shopzetu this morning is that.
I appreciate Wandia Gichuru for developing the platform. Patricia Ithau

Whatever way you choose to describe the Kenyan fashion scene or sector, you can’t deny that things appear to be moving in the right direction.

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Sifucha Football Academy (SIFA) Incredible Football Journey Is Inspiring The Next Generation In Busia County

The Inspiring Journey Of Sifucha Football Club In this age of instant rewards and gratification, it is often too easy for youngsters to give up on their footballing dreams at the first sign of trouble that a different case at the club, It’s something that should inspire a lot of young players that are out there that don’t have the attributes of those who have been playing at the highest level since they were 18.

The Idea

Behind SIFA was a small group of boys who we came across by the roadside earl 2018 playing with a ball they had skillfully crafted by wrapping pieces of nylon papers into rags and fastening the rags into a round shape using pieces of manila strings on our walk around our village, Sifucha.

The game was so fun that we became spectators without knowing it. We were amazed by the moves and dribbles by most of the junior players despite them being barefooted and with neither a trainer nor a playground.
This was however shortly before the government imposed a ban on the use of nylon papers in the country. The ban meant that the boys wouldn’t be able to make a new ball since the other was already torn and the materials that would make a new one were now illegal.

A few days later we had a case of some of the boys plucking young pumpkins and just kicking them around. The entire village was mad at these crop ‘destroyers’.
When I talked to the boy he admitted it and said it was because they did not have a ball to play with. The boy asked me if I could get them a cheap plastic ball to play with since it was fun.
A Project
I did not give the kid a response but when he kept nagging and almost going on his knees I was moved but there was nothing I could do as such because, for one, the plastic ball was not as ‘cheap’ as it sounded and two, it was fragile enough to burst after a few kicks and they would be at my back again for new balls. When the kid was not going away I promised him to think about it.
But amazingly the next day he was at my doorstep together with his mates inquiring of my thoughts. They also wanted me to be their coach if I bought them the ball.
The determination of these kids really amazed me and I thought if we had such a portion of kids approach me for the ball then there must be some more that were afraid to speak up or just had no channels to communicate. I contacted my sons and we organized for the ball.
On that day it was fun again. But as I had known before, our fragile plastic ball was disappointing.
Once again we needed a new ball, though it could be played for the next about two games. Each day more kids kept coming and in no time we had a team of about 100 players of both genders which we divided into four teams under 10, under 14, under 16, and under 18. The field became smaller and more dangerous since it was by the roadside being used by motorists, so we needed a new and bigger playground.
Due to the increasing number of youngsters one ball would not be enough, more balls would be of help, Once again I was onto my sons for these,

That was when the SIFA project was born, We took into account the boots, training kits, academy management and trainers, referees, balls, and a playground. Together with friends, we approached the Busibi primary and secondary schools management for playgrounds which they accepted but only if students were out of school.

This budget cannot be afforded by my family and that is why we are on the run looking for sponsors and donors like you.

Any donations towards the achievement of any of the above would be highly appreciated from financial to material support. Any support that is geared to growing these young talents is highly welcome.

The Impact

When the SIFA idea was being crafted we thought it would only be of help to the six boys that we’re championing for the balls, little did we know that it would be a big project with a greater impact than we impacted.

The SIFA project is now nurturing the talents of about 100 footballers though we intend a bigger goal and diversify the sports to beyond football the kids are happy with the move and the society and the leadership is in support since the society allow the kids to the ground and the leadership occasionally organize for tournaments which we’ve been winning anyway. We also realized that we had individuals who are trained coaches and referees but were at home and had no platform to practice their skills.

At least they now have the ground to practice their profession. Since coaches are enrolled in the training of the juniors and referees authorize the games. Most importantly we have helped recognize great leadership skills from some of the local individuals who help us in the management of the academy. The juniors can also organize themselves and have training among themselves with minimal or no supervision, a move we are encouraging.

Our main aim is to create a safe space that provides the youths with valuable tools to make a difference in their own lives. “Giving children and young people a sporting chance”

Any support that is geared toward growing these young talents is highly welcome.
M-Pesa Paybill: 891300
Account Number: 34303

Email: sifuchafootballacademy@gmail.com

Charles Alochi
Founder & Club Patron
Sifucha Football Academy (SIFA) Busia County

Sifucha Social Media Platforms
Sifucha Team Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/sifuchafootball

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Naomi Campbell: “I’m proud to be part of a shoot with young creatives that are all my skin colour”

The iconic supermodel and activist tell i-D about being photographed at her home in Kenya by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, and her hopes for 2021.


“When I’m in Kenya there are days that are less hectic than others, but I’m always busy. I’m being more careful at the moment because of the situation with COVID, but I still saw the kids in the orphanage that I support, I didn’t want to let them down. I want to reach as many people as I can. I want to spread awareness. There’s a part of me where, if I love something, I want the world to know about it.

“We were working, too we were even shooting on Boxing Day! We shot during the day, we shot at night, but the atmosphere on set with Carlos and Luis and Jawara was so fun, so easy there was always a boombox somewhere close by playing music that it just felt like we were taking pictures on vacation. I think that’s something you can see: in how at ease I am; in the style of Luis’ photography; in the way, Carlos has styled me, and in the fun, Jawara had with the hair. We got to be a bit flamboyant, and it didn’t really feel like work, to be honest, it just felt like dressing up!



“It was just very real, very organic. And I felt proud, humbled, and happy to be part of a shoot with young creatives that are all my skin color, and that I’m getting to work with them after so many years of being in the fashion industry. It’s very rare that this has happened to me. Luis is the third photographer of color I’ve worked with in my whole career in fashion.

“When you see these images, I hope you see that Kenya is beautiful, that Africa is beautiful. I think people now are going to really open their minds and start to understand that real beauty is in Africa. There are so many gems, so many hidden secrets. I’ve been coming here since 1994 and I’m still discovering things.


“At the end of 2020, my main reflections were on the need for us to move upward and forward. We have to rise to every challenge and walk through it. And we will get through it. 2021 is going to be a great year, we’ve just got a few more bumps to get through first. Nothing disappears overnight, but we just need to get through this first quarter. After that, I believe that this is going to be an amazing year.

“Actually, I don’t just believe it will be; I feel it will be.”


Photography: Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Fashion director: Carlos Nazario

Hair Jawara at Art Partner using Dyson.
Make-up by: Bimpe Onakoya and Naomi Campbell.
Styling assistance Raymond Gee, Christine Nicholson, Cari Pacheco, and Jennifer De La Cruz.
Hair assistance: Matt Benns.
Casting director: Samuel Ellis Scheinman for DMCASTING.
Post-production:  Michael Moser.
Model Naomi Campbell at Models1.

Content courtesy of I-D & Nairobi fashion hub


Made in Kenya By Kenyans The JW Show 2019

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) led by Dr. Ezekiel Mutua were the biggest and main sponsors of the 2019 edition of one of Kenya’s biggest fashion events, The JW Show.

KFCB boss Dr, Ezekiel Mutua was the Chief Guest at the Jw Show 2019

Two Rivers Mall, which is also the largest mall in East & Central Africa, provided the perfect venue for the event, setting the right tempo; on what would be a night full of creativity, colors, design and awards for the emerging talents in the fashion and fabric industry.

Models on the runway showcasing designs at the JW Show 2019. Picture Courtesy – Fotophreak Magazine

The event, which seeks to connect Africa and the World through fabric and design, usually begins with a competition for upcoming designers drawn from different fashion and design institutes across the country.

The quality of work by the upcoming designers is then judged by a team of experienced designers and players in the industry, who then award points and compile the marks. The team also offers expert advice to individual contestants about their pieces, the choice of fabric and how they can scale their creativity to the next level.

The judges bench is responsible for awarding points to each of the upcoming designers depending on the quality and creativity of their work

This year the judges bench was rich with industry experience from:
Betty Kyalo: Media personality – Kenya
Kenneth Pope Ndolo: Fashion Designer – Kenya
Aulgah Nato: Fashion Designer – Kenya
Jane Sempeo: Fashionpreneur – Dubai
Lisa Christoffersen: Fashion Designer – Kenya
Charity Gachenge: – Fashion Strategist – USA

Julia Achieng from Delight Institute of Fashion & Design was awarded winner of this year’s event

The winner of this year’s contest was Julia Achieng from Delight Tailoring, Fashion & Design School, who could not hide her joy and utter surprise after the announcement.
She walked away with a sewing machine from Denri, 6 months free training and mentorship program fully sponsored by Liz Njoroge collection and 2 months workshop in Europe fully sponsored by Fashion Aid.

#MadeInKenyaByKenyans “The unique designs and art arrayed here tonight and made on Kenyan soil is testament that our creativity and talent as a people is unmatched the world over and are pivotal in wealth and job creation in line with the Presidential Big 4 Agenda” ~ Dr. Ezekiel Mutua

The first runners up position went to Prisca Nicole and Anne Nyamari who were awarded a 2 nights holiday in Diani, all inclusive sponsored by Travelluxe and 2 months training and Mentorship program by Nato Design fashion House.
Gloriana Kingo’mbe emerged third and was graced with a 2-nights package at Melili Hotel sponsored by Melili hotel plus 1 Month Mentorship sponsored by Ellen Design Fashion House.

Other contestants included:
Mary Nyambura and Debra Ang’awa from Delight Tailoring, Fashion & Design school.
Charity Nyathira, Ruth N and Samuel Mbugua from the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies.
Amboseli institute of tourism and hospitality was represented by Samuel Kamau, Prisca Nicole & Ann Nyamari, while the Vera Beauty College was not left out courtesy Gloriana kingombe.

Models showcasing designs by Aqil fashion house at the JW Show 2019

As is our norm, we would also like to congratulate the models who strut up and down the runway in a beautiful choreography and kept the audience entertained.
They included: Sharon Otieno, Nivea Debra, Cindy Kemunto, Ann Amondi, Marion Jacklin, Idah Odeka, Nelius Leah, Saidia Said, Fhanreet Birdi, Faizal Abbas, Cliff Mageto, Gathu Mwangi, Zuma Kabadii, Jack Mulla, Edwin Jewel, Blair and Jansen Odhiambo. The powerful choreography and stage sequence at this year’s event was courtesy of Sangeeta.

Models showcasing designs by Ashok Sunny at the Jw Show 2019

After the competition, it was all about pomp and color as an array of experienced designers unleashed their magic on the runway. They included Kelele designs, Aqil Fashion house, Ashok sunny, Francenca designs, Ellen design, Rialto by Lucy Rao and Sunny designs.

The 2020 Edition of the JW Show is even promising to be more epic, with an initial Kes. 1M sponsorship pledge already made by KFCB boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua.
The JW show is also set to collect more talent in the fashion and fabric industry thanks to the ongoing JW show county tour that is also widely supported by the Dr. Ezekiel Mutua led organization.

KFCB boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua poses with Jw Show Founder and CEO Mr. Jeffrey Wilson

Special recognition also goes out to the other sponsors who in one way or another added so much flavour to the event in their own capacity. They included the Two Rivers Mall, Fashion aid, Cbit East Africa, Ajiry by Centum Investments, Travelluxe, Rome tech, Green peace, Status communication, Denri, Flair by betty, Ciala resort, Melili hotel and Italia kitchens. Last but not least, a big thank you goes out to the hosts of the show, Ms. Angela Wambui and Oga Obinna; and the entire Jw Show team coordinated by Ms. Sheila Nkirote.

We cant wait to see you at the next edition of the JW Show in 2020. Far right, Mr. Brian Mwau of Centum Investments. Far left, Mr. Clive Lupao – Head of Communications – The JW Show

Content courtesy of Fotophreak Jw Show & Nairobi Fashion Hub

Enda Sportswear

Enda Sportwear was founded with a mission to bring Kenyan athletic excellence to runners everywhere and fuel economic development in Kenya. Our vision is to have millions of runners around the world wear shoes 100% Made in Kenya.

We started by developing the world’s greatest running shoes incorporating the country’s running history, culture and skills – the Enda Iten. In mid-2016 we went to Kickstarter and successfully raised the funds we needed to make our first batch of shoes.

We’re started by assembling the shoes in Kenya, and as we’ve made more shoes we’ve been focused on gradually moving more of our production to Kenya as skill and capacity increases. We’re proud that our shoes qualify for Made in Kenya labeling, but we’re not going to stop until our products are 100% Made in Kenya.

Navalayo “Nava” Osembo and Weldon Kennedy met over a mutual interest in dramatically increasing the amount Kenya benefits from its well earned reputation in running.

Nava comes from a village near Eldoret, Kenya, a major center for Kenyan running which is dubbed “The City of Champions”. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Navalayo is trained as both an accountant and a lawyer.

Weldon is a social-change campaigner & avid runner. He ran email campaigns for Bono’s ONE.org and launched the European offices of Change.org where he ran a team of 45 serving 31 million users as Managing Director of Europe.

Kenya’s North Rift Valley has produced generations of the world’s greatest distance runners. Runners from around the world flock to these dirt roads to train with the great Kenyan masters. They come to breathe the thin air, eat the simple meals, and train together so that they might reach their full potential.

We want to bring this experience of community and exceptional training to runners around the world.

The first step, is to find a friend. Running Kenyan means running together. The first and most important thing you can do to improve your training is to find a friend to run with regularly. Lift each other up. Challenge each other. And go farther and faster together.

Second, making sure you’re varying your training. To reach new personal bests, you’ll need to run a mix of easy runs, speed work, and long runs. We’ve built our shoes specifically to match different types of workouts, so you have exactly the right shoe on your foot to make the most of each run.

Run like a Kenyan

Your toes spread out, or splay, to help you absorb impact and help you balance. So we wanted to give a bit more room up front, but not leave you with extra room to slide around in the shoe. Gear Patrol’s review seems to indicate we got it just right:

“the toe box is roomy, but it’s not loose and splashy, which is how some shoes with too much room up front can feel.”
We also brought the toe box down so it’s vertically not too deep. When you flex your toes, the Iten will move with your foot.

At a mere 7.9 oz (224 grams) for a men’s US size 9 (UK 8), the Iten will never be a drag when you pick up the pace.

Take off your shoes and run even just a bit, and you’ll find yourself landing on your mid-foot or forefoot. Having a big cushioned heel on your shoe can throw off this natural gait. So the Iten has only 4mm more cushioning in the heel than the forefoot (4mm drop), to help you land naturally.

Your foot is a powerful set of muscles and tendons. When training, you want a shoe that gives your foot a full range of motion so your arch, ankle, and toes can build the strength and endurance you need. The Iten does just that.

Whenever you take a turn or run across an uneven surface (like the crown of a road), your foot wants to move laterally. Since the Iten’s midsole cups the foot, it keeps you locked into the shoe even on the sharpest of turns.

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Made In Kenya

In a bid to buy more Kenyan made products after realizing how populated the Kenyan market is with imported products, we discovered just how difficult it was to find, purchase and receive such products. Started in 2017, our goal is to make it easier for both producers and buyers to promote, buy/sell and distribute their Kenyan-made products

“We help promote businesses which produce Kenyan products that meet our quality standards.”

“Every Kenyan should have access to quality products made in Kenya. Today It’s easier to find products from other parts of the world, this shouldn’t be the case.”

In August 17th 2018  The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and the Brand Kenya Board entered into a partnership that will accelerate the implementation of the Made in Kenya Brand Mark that was recently launched by the Deputy President William Ruto.

Brand Kenya and key partners developed the Brand Mark which gives a unique identity to products made in Kenya. The Brand Mark will facilitate the ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’ initiative and improve the consumer base for local manufacturers.

“The Made in Kenya Brand Mark we are launching today August 17th 2018  will set Kenya apart as the home for a set of products that meet the needs of discerning buyers across the world. All our authentic products will do well if they have some iconic branding and a form of identity,” said Deputy President William Ruto at the launch of the Brand Mark during the 2018 Annual Kenya National Trade Week.

The Partnership

The partnership aims to promote the Made in Kenya Brand Mark to manufacturers and collect feedback on the Made in Kenya initiative.

At the signing ceremony, KAM Ag chief executive Tobias Alando said the partnership will support local industries and in consequence contribute to the Big Four agenda.

“The manufacturing sector is key to Kenya’s economic growth due to its potential to grow productive jobs and increase the purchasing power of consumers. While Kenya is the most industrially developed country in the East Africa region, manufacturing only accounts for 8.37 per cent of GDP,” he said.

“Increased competition from imported goods and services has been a challenge to Kenyan produced goods and services. This Mark of Identity seeks to increase the competitiveness of local products, which is key to increasing exports, creating jobs and driving industrialization.”

Brand Kenya’s Ag chief executive Damaris Ngugi said the partnership will “synergize efforts to authenticate and promote products” made locally in the local and international markets.

“The Made in Kenya Brand Mark was developed to boost the manufacturing industry by authenticating all Kenyan goods and services for the local and international markets. It will be placed on all Kenyan products and comes with a promise of authentic, organic and high-quality products,” she said.

The Brand Kenya Board has also introduced a continuous marketing campaign on its online platforms for “companies and brands that will take up the Mark.”

Content courtesy of Brand Kenya , Made In Kenya & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

NRG Radio Launches 2 New Radio Stations In Town

After months of anticipation, the big reveal is finally out. NRG Radio has birthed, not just to 1 but 2 new Radio Stations. Promising to take over the industry in the footsteps of NRG Radio, Choice Radio and FunX are the new kids on the block.

NRG Radio launches 2 New Radio Experiences – FunX 91.3FM & Choice Radio 87.7FM

Choice Radio which is targeted to the Urban, Grown and Sexy audience aged 30 years and above, promises to be a ‘vibe’ you will find HARD TO TURN OFF and is accessible on 87.7FM said the Group Digital and Communications Lead – Ms. Beverlyne Wangari.

Choice Radio’s playlist will be loaded with a head-nodding mix of old school and timeless hits. – she added. FunX which is accessible on 91.3FM is a younger NRG and is entirely a complete opposite of what Choice Radio is Ms.

Wangari noted. FunX as the name suggests will seek to cater to the needs of the modern, fun-loving teen. The music will as such be the epitome of Edgy, Fun and Adventurous. Quite the perfect package for the dynamic teenager, FunX represents the new Centennial audience.

This is an exciting milestone because we can now cater to the varying needs of our audience and listeners across the age spectrum, Ms Wangari surmises. NRG Radio which just celebrated their 1-year anniversary has witnessed commendable growth.

Crowned the radio digital king in town last month – given their leading social media numbers, visual and engaging content, their growth has shaken the market with their multi-platform radio model being an admiration of many. It is the first visual radio station in Kenya and Africa and has become a key benchmark for most media houses across the region.

The station also recently launched an Eclectic, Disruptive, Highly Customized and Engaging Mobile App – NRG Play which is a totally immersive mobile experience. The App is Now available on Android and iOS and also houses FunX and Choice Radio. The two ‘babies’ will be the ultimate compliment to the ‘Mother Station’-NRG Radio.

Content Courtesy Of NRG Radio, Kenyan Musik & Nairobi Fashion Hub Online Digital Team

Bata Designer Apprentice Competition

The Bata Designer Apprentice competition is first of its kind in Kenya and East Africa, is a product development initiative that aims to give students and emerging designers in Kenya the opportunity to create a classic shoe for Bata, while gaining experience working at one of the biggest footwear manufacturer based in Limuru Kenya.

Student from University of Nairobi , Cynthia Allela, is the winner of Bata Designers Apprentice competition and will now have her design sold in select Bata outlets countrywide.

Meet The Designer’s


The Process Work with a select number of designers (five) to design an affordable shoe or collection for Bata Kenya to be produced in our Limuru factory using existing equipment. Invite the designers for a factory visit and product development review to understand our production processes. Designers can include an aspect of technology in the shoes designed. The designers then presented their concepts and prototype shoes to a Bata panel of judges who graded their work, determining the winner. Directors of Design schools from the University of Nairobi and the Technical University of Kenya were contacted by the PD Manager to propose names of their current students in undergraduate design courses and emerging designers who completed undergraduate design courses not more than 9 years before, with priority given to Textile, Fashion and Product designers. From the list provided designers were contacted on phone to confirm if they were interested in taking part in the competition; 10thMay 2017-list narrowed down to 9 designers. 12thMay 2017-Designers present portfolios in Bata Limuru and selection narrowed down to 4 designers.

Designer Apprentice Story We have all grown up with Bata and hold fond memories of the excitement we felt when we got a new pair of Toughees for back to school, wearing Bullets during PE classes, Ngoma, Sandak, PataPata and the Safari boots our dad or favorite uncle always wore. “Bata Designers Apprentice”is a Bata Kenya Product Development initiative that wants student and emerging designers in Kenya to be part of creating a classic shoe for Bata through a designers competition while gaining experience working in one of the biggest footwear manufacturer in Kenya and East

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Top 10 Fashion Store In Kenya

Knowing top boutiques in Kenya to get the best deals and latest fashion styles is fundamental for any fashion forward individual. The Clothing Shops in Kenya should therefore not only offer a diverse fashion but also have the latest offers to suit the client’s needs. This presents nice opportunities to shop for clothes in Kenya at varied prices.

Where to Shop for Fashion Wear In Kenya here are top 10 fashion store

Top 10 Fashion Stores to Shop In Kenya

1. Sir Henry’s

Is a benchmark store that offers an exclusive collection of men’s clothes and accessories. Our extensive range consists of the latest styles ranging from ties to executive business suits. We provide our men with essential clothing needs from smart casual to classic suits and ties.

2. Mr. Price

Is a quality international brand for men, women, and kids at covetable prices. Men’s smart casual wear, shoes & accessories at reasonable prices. Women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, pajamas, and stylish footwear. Kids clothing at affordable prices,

3. Kiko Romeo

Looking for African-inspired fashion and accessories with a contemporary twist? Come down to the newly redesigned KikoRomeo store at Yaya Centre. With a great selection for both the edgy, younger generation as well as the more laidback, but still trendy, the older generation, there is something for everyone.
Kiko Romeo is found on the first floor

4. Vivo ActiveWear

Kenyan Fashion Brand of the Year 2016. Find them at the Junction, Yaya, Galleria, The Hub – Karen, Garden City Mall, T-Mall- Langata Rd, City Mall – Nyali, Westside Mall – Nakuru or call us on 0703-420780 to order for delivery you can also shop online at Vivo Activewear for the latest trends in women’s clothing and accessories made in Kenya with Free delivery and free returns.

Beautiful casual Kenyan Women’s fashion with a twist, that not only looks and feels good but is high quality and affordable. Visit our stores at any major malls across the country.

5. Woolworths

If you love casual but stylish things, you’re sure to find some fabulous bargains at Woolworths. Here, you can spot the latest trends and international catwalk designs skilfully presented as practical everyday wear. From awesome dresses to warm pullovers, elegant suits to cool designed jeans, outfits that are definitely chic.

6. Mimi Online Store

Welcome to the MIMI collection of clothing where we seek and stock various styles and trends to suit different needs and preferences. From formal classics and sophisticated clothing to youthful and trendy looks, MIMI offers great quality merchandise at excellent value.

7. Jade Collections

Best clothes shops in Kenya offer a wider range of designer brands both local and  Internationally hyped designer labels meet the latest denim and sportswear collections. if you are looking for family wear then the place to be is Jade Collection

8. Little Red

Shop near The Stanley, you can have a Brioni tailor flown in from Italy, take your measurements, fly out, and deliver your suit within weeks. Kenyan luxury fashion brand Little Red has clinched an exclusive deal to sell products by Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian high-end footwear brand. Little Red will have rights to sell Giuseppe Zanotti products in East and Central Africa.

The fashion house stocked up the first collection of the luxury shoe label

9. Lc Waikiki

Providing quality products that suit every style with reasonable prices, via the motto of “everybody deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki responds to the needs of a whole family via its collections for adults, youths, children, nurseries, and infants.

the Turkish fashion brand LC Waikiki has opened its second branch in Kenya in line with the group’s plan

10. City Walk

Specialize in providing you with style, quality, and comfort in footwear. Being the sole distributor of branded shoes from Sketchers to Caterpillar footwear, we allow you to accessorize your wardrobe with a style that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Apart from shoes, we sell a variety of unique, elegant, and stylish handbags, clutch bags, laptop bags, travel bags, and leather items.


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