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Dressing Sense: How To Dress Wisely For Personality Development

What we often say when meeting someone for the first time reveals a lot about who we are.
It’s important to present yourself professionally when you meet someone since “the first impression is your final impression.”
The way someone is dressed is the first thing we notice about them since it gives us a sense of who they are; even when presenting ourselves, our body language takes a backseat.
The crucial point is that your sense of style should reflect your personality because it has a significant impact on how your personality develops, even though that doesn’t imply you have to be fashionable.

A person’s sense of style, body language, and personality are all reflected in how they dress.
And the truth is that how we dress enhances both our physical and psychological attractiveness since beauty isn’t only about height, weight, or skin tone; it’s also about how you portray yourself to others.

The psychology behind dressing well

  • Being well-groomed enhances our personality and fosters relationships with like-minded others.
  • You may increase your self-confidence by dressing nicely, and people will notice this when they see you.
  • Always try to dress in something upscale and formal that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • It is a proven truth that dressing professionally improves your ability to concentrate, focus, and motivate yourself, whereas wearing casual attire can make you feel fatigued and distracted.

According to studies, dressing formally has an impact on our life, helps us feel more powerful, and encourages positive thinking.

How dressing sense plays a major role in an interview?
The way you present yourself communicates a lot about your status, personality, and identity. When someone sees an image of themselves, it is when they form their first impression.
When attending interviews, some people make the mistake of dressing too garishly or garishly, which creates a negative image. It is best to dress formally at all times. For men, it can be a suit jacket, tie, and shoes with rolled-down sleeves.
For ladies, the suitable attire is a dress, pants, or a saree blouse.
For women, it can be a dress, a pair of slacks, or a saree with a blouse, depending on what is appropriate. To avoid being overlooked, try to wear a few accessories.

Your personality will shine more when you are dressed more professionally, and choosing unprofessional attire will raise your chances of being rejected during the job interview.

One should dress as though they are already renowned or successful, as though they had the ideal dream job and generous pay because how one presents themselves will determine how others will see them. Being presentable throughout the interview makes the interviewee feel good about you.

Reasons you should dress well every day
Your personality can be found in the clothes you choose to wear on a daily basis whether you leave the house for work, school, an interview, or shopping.
People typically focus on how well-dressed you are and what your clothing says about your personality and what trends or fashion you should wear before they pay any attention to anything else about you.

  • A good impression of yourself positive thinking
  • Builds up confidence
  • Go with trend
  • It makes me feel productive to work
  • You look beautiful

Question and Answer Section!
How do the fashion choices of others affect us?

The same applies to others; when we see someone wearing something nice or appealing, we want to perceive that and harbor fantasies of dressing like them. When a new trend or style enters the market, we usually tend to mimic it or follow it. However, we must be careful to avoid letting others’ opinions shape us to the point where we lose sight of who we are as people.

My fashion taste differs from that of my friends and coworkers. Does this imply that my sense of style is poor?

Others will notice your sense of style and how you are seen by them. Being dressed differently from your friends or coworkers shouldn’t change who you are because you might have something that they don’t!

Your personality and confidence are boosted when you look well. And the important thing is to make an effort to be original and stylish in your own way.

How can I dress well while still being modest and simple?
Developing a “basic acceptable look” is the art of wearing it in a way that appeals to and affects others. Other times, dressing well only makes you appear adaptable and elegant. The most important element is high-quality clothing, which you can combine with straightforward accessories and a pattern in calming or vibrant hues to create a sophisticated look.

The only way to get attention is to look good?
It’s true that looking well enhances your personality, but this is not the sole standard by which you should be evaluated.
Some people dress simply, but it doesn’t mean they lack sophistication or riches; rather, it only reflects their preferences or level of comfort.

Everyone understands how important appearance and clothes are to every one of us.
Dressing up or dressing up doesn’t necessarily mean doing fashion things; rather, it refers to how it develops your individuality, character, and confidence in yourself and in what you wear.

People typically present themselves well in order to attract attention based on how they appear and to demonstrate their status, symbol, and class in society through their personality and sense of style. Because most of the time we are all focused on ourselves, how you are dressed matters more than what we imagined other people were thinking about you.
Every time we put on something, clothing creates a favorable association that we might use to overcome that challenge.

Photo: Ashok Sunny Tailored Limited

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Kevin Hart In Four Suits That You’ll Love!

Suit swag just hits different when it’s done right. We sure agree with these words by Kevin. Kevin Hart turned scored some major fashion goals in four suits that we know you’ll love! This beautiful black man made us swoon, most especially in the color gradient suit that just screamed “look at me, love me!”…

Kevin Hart In Four Suits That You’ll Love!

How to style khaki pants for special occasions

Khaki pants for men in Nairobi Kenya are a dime a dozen. Everywhere you turn you will find a khaki trousers shop in Nairobi. So you probably have a wardrobe full of khaki pants. You wear them over the weekends. And on the more relaxed days.

But let’s say you have a very important function coming up. One in which you’ll absolutely have to make a big impression. Awesome. Unfortunately, all you have in your wardrobe are khaki pants. Not so awesome. What do you do to ensure you still look like a boss on this special occasion? Watch the video below.

He breaks it down very simply. Styling khaki pants for special occasions is easy. It’s all about the power and uniqueness of your statement jacket. And if you’re not a jacket man, then it’s about the beauty of your shirt. The more unique it is, the better it will look. Just make sure not to make the entire look too casual. I’ve always been a fan of the look of an un-tucked designer shirt that carefully matches informal pants. Popular on a lot of Kenyan politicians. Particularly on president Uhuru Kenyatta.

I’m a strong believer in one dressing up for themselves and not for others. So if khaki trousers are your thing, then you should absolutely rock them to your special occasion. The comfort you feel while in them will shine through for everyone to see. I’ve also always been a very strong believer n the following mantra. Dress for yourself. Not for anyone else.

That’s not to say you should ignore social protocol and dress as you please. Of course not. Dressing lazily is not a sign of independence. Or growth. It’s just bad manners. But dressing confidently based on your own individual style? Well, that’s that is the first step to great inner strength.

How to dress to attract women

“I don’t dress up for women, so why in the hell would I need to learn how to dress to attract women?” is what some of you are probably thinking. You like to dress casually. Jeans and sneakers. Even on dates with women you want to attract. You’re getting a lot of slack on your dress code. And you’re wondering why. Here’s why?

If you’re looking to attract high-quality women into your life, then a phenomenal sense of style is definitely the first major step. And contrary to what you may believe, Kenyan women have very high standards. Higher than most out there.

When she first lays her eyes on you, all she has to guide her decision making is your sense of style. That split second first impression will determine her level of attraction for you. And nothing screams “a quality man ahead!” more than a well thought out fashion sense.

So how do you ensure you dress to attract women? It’s easy. Ensure you have a few basics right.

Color scheme

Armed yourself a basic knowledge of neutral colors, your skin tone, and how these two aspects can be paired with stronger colors to make it all pop. There are 4 neutral colors.

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Tan

These colors can be worn with any other colors dependent on your skin tone. Essentially their neutral nature allows them to match perfectly with other bold colors. So for example. grey goes very well with red. It also goes well with blue. What you match it with will depend on your skin tone.

As a rule of thumb, go for some contrast with your dress code. The more light-skinned you are, the darker the shade of clothing. And vice versa.

That one statement piece

Every gentleman should always have that one luxurious statement piece. It could be an Italian fabric dinner jacket. Or a sweet pair of brogues. Maybe even be a high-end Tom Ford fragrance. It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that it’s a unique standout piece that is not common in any way.

The 3 major advantages of a statement piece are:

  • They can be great conversation starters at functions, social events, and dates.
  • They tend to leave a powerful lasting impression on the women in question. You’ll linger in their thoughts long after the two of you have parted.
  • Because they are so powerful at creating attraction in women, they tend to bring back old flames. They do so by turning you into an entirely new you. As highlighted below.


There you have it. A brief guide on how to dress to attract Kenyan women.

Don’t rush challenge Kenyan men’s | Entrepreneur’s edition

Getting inspiration from the recent don’t rush challenge? King Sidney decided to do a unique rendition of their own.

As usual, they didn’t follow the rules and tried to make it as creative as possible.

The entrepreneur slips in and out of different designer jacket outfits. He uses his pocket square to transition between each outfit. He does so with some swag. And very calmly bounces to the mellow, yet perfectly-fitting Lil Wayne soundtrack in the back.

Here it is. The entrepreneur Kenyan men’s edition of the popular don’t rush challenge.


How to dress like a millionaire.



King Arnold is ready to make it jump like Kris Kross but does not yet possess the attire to do so.

Luckily for him, King Sidney comes to his rescue with a one-of-a-kind men’s designer party blazer that will help him look like a millionaire while teaching men how to dress well at the same time.

Time to get the party started with this Kenyan men’s fashion style upgrade makeover. Life will never be the same again for the young entrepreneur.

Captivating crocodile masterpiece exclusive to https://kingsidney.co.ke

Content courtesy of King sidney & Nairobi fashion hub 

How to look phenomenal as a wedding guest


Name: Maverick Kagesha

Age: 28

Profession: Farmer who does modeling as a side gig.

What he told us about his style.

“I’m not trying to be arrogant or anything, but I feel like God has blessed me in the looks department. Well, at least that’s what some ladies say. So much so, that I’ve never really felt the need to put too much effort into the style department. That being said, I have noticed that heads do turn a whole lot more when I dress up as opposed to when I don’t. I suppose there is no shortcut to good things in this life.”

Before – The guy confused as to whether this is a formal or casual event.

After – The smooth gentleman who has it all.


Don’t Settle. You are worth so much more.

Believe it or not, a lot of Kenyan men actually attend weddings they have been invited to as the man on the left when they could just as easily attend as the man on the right. Mind-boggling, I know. By putting him in this brilliant King Sidney statement jacket and co-ordinating the rest of his look around it, we helped him understand that making a huge impression is a bit like being pregnant, there is no halfway about it. When you strut into that wedding reception, either you move them to their core, or you don’t.

Content courtesy of King Sidney & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success

Dress better, work better?
A number of recent studies suggest that dressing up for work in a suit or blazer could do wonders for an employee’s productivity, whether going into a negotiation, making a sales call or even participating in a videoconference with business associates.
Using a number of measures, including simulated business meetings at which subjects wore formal and more casual clothing, the studies offer indications that wearing nicer clothes may raise one’s confidence level, affect how others perceive the wearer, and in some cases even boost the level of one’s abstract thinking, the type in which leaders and executives engage.
Michael W. Kraus, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management, co-wrote a study for the Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2014 which showed that clothes with high social status can increase dominance and job performance in “high-stakes” competitive tasks.
The study put 128 men ages 18 to 32 with diverse backgrounds and income levels through role-playing exercises—mock negotiations over the sale of a hypothetical factory—to see whether wearing specific kinds of clothing had an effect on the outcomes. The “buyer” in each case came from one of three groups. One group wore business suits and dress shoes. One group wore sweatpants, white T-shirts and plastic sandals. A third group, referred to as “neutrals,” kept wearing the clothing they arrived in. A neutral played the role of “seller” in each negotiation, but no seller also played a role as a buyer.

Suit up
The negotiators were each given a fair-market value for the hypothetical factory, along with other information that would influence their decisions about opening bids and asking prices. In the end, the suits proved much less willing to concede ground during the negotiations, moving off their initial offer by an average of only $830,000, compared with $2.81 million for those in sweatpants and $1.58 million for the neutrals.
What these results show, Prof. Kraus says, is that in competitive, winner-take-all situations, wearing more formal attire can send others a signal “about you being successful and real confident in whatever you’re doing.” Those more casually dressed, on the other side of the table, tend to back down more easily, he says. The ones in formal attire become aware of the respect they are receiving and become more forceful as well, he says.
Other research suggests that the effects of wearing nice clothes can be as much internal as external.
In a study published last year in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, results suggested that people engage in higher levels of abstract thinking when they dress up, compared with when they dress casually. When some 361 participants were asked to complete tasks, the ones dressed more formally engaged in the kinds of abstract thinking that someone in a position of power, like a senior executive, would deploy. After being tested in both formal and casual dress, another 88 subjects were quicker to see the big picture when they dressed more formally. The casual dressers tended to sweat the small stuff.

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Top 10 Fashion Store In Kenya

Knowing top boutiques in Kenya to get the best deals and latest fashion styles is fundamental for any fashion forward individual. The Clothing Shops in Kenya should therefore not only offer a diverse fashion but also have the latest offers to suit the client’s needs. This presents nice opportunities to shop for clothes in Kenya at varied prices.

Where to Shop for Fashion Wear In Kenya here are top 10 fashion store

Top 10 Fashion Stores to Shop In Kenya

1. Sir Henry’s

Is a benchmark store that offers an exclusive collection of men’s clothes and accessories. Our extensive range consists of the latest styles ranging from ties to executive business suits. We provide our men with essential clothing needs from smart casual to classic suits and ties.

2. Mr. Price

Is a quality international brand for men, women, and kids at covetable prices. Men’s smart casual wear, shoes & accessories at reasonable prices. Women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, pajamas, and stylish footwear. Kids clothing at affordable prices,

3. Kiko Romeo

Looking for African-inspired fashion and accessories with a contemporary twist? Come down to the newly redesigned KikoRomeo store at Yaya Centre. With a great selection for both the edgy, younger generation as well as the more laidback, but still trendy, the older generation, there is something for everyone.
Kiko Romeo is found on the first floor

4. Vivo ActiveWear

Kenyan Fashion Brand of the Year 2016. Find them at the Junction, Yaya, Galleria, The Hub – Karen, Garden City Mall, T-Mall- Langata Rd, City Mall – Nyali, Westside Mall – Nakuru or call us on 0703-420780 to order for delivery you can also shop online at Vivo Activewear for the latest trends in women’s clothing and accessories made in Kenya with Free delivery and free returns.

Beautiful casual Kenyan Women’s fashion with a twist, that not only looks and feels good but is high quality and affordable. Visit our stores at any major malls across the country.

5. Woolworths

If you love casual but stylish things, you’re sure to find some fabulous bargains at Woolworths. Here, you can spot the latest trends and international catwalk designs skilfully presented as practical everyday wear. From awesome dresses to warm pullovers, elegant suits to cool designed jeans, outfits that are definitely chic.

6. Mimi Online Store

Welcome to the MIMI collection of clothing where we seek and stock various styles and trends to suit different needs and preferences. From formal classics and sophisticated clothing to youthful and trendy looks, MIMI offers great quality merchandise at excellent value.

7. Jade Collections

Best clothes shops in Kenya offer a wider range of designer brands both local and  Internationally hyped designer labels meet the latest denim and sportswear collections. if you are looking for family wear then the place to be is Jade Collection

8. Little Red

Shop near The Stanley, you can have a Brioni tailor flown in from Italy, take your measurements, fly out, and deliver your suit within weeks. Kenyan luxury fashion brand Little Red has clinched an exclusive deal to sell products by Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian high-end footwear brand. Little Red will have rights to sell Giuseppe Zanotti products in East and Central Africa.

The fashion house stocked up the first collection of the luxury shoe label

9. Lc Waikiki

Providing quality products that suit every style with reasonable prices, via the motto of “everybody deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki responds to the needs of a whole family via its collections for adults, youths, children, nurseries, and infants.

the Turkish fashion brand LC Waikiki has opened its second branch in Kenya in line with the group’s plan

10. City Walk

Specialize in providing you with style, quality, and comfort in footwear. Being the sole distributor of branded shoes from Sketchers to Caterpillar footwear, we allow you to accessorize your wardrobe with a style that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Apart from shoes, we sell a variety of unique, elegant, and stylish handbags, clutch bags, laptop bags, travel bags, and leather items.


Content Courtesy Of Nairobi Fashion Hub