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A Slay Queens’ Guide To Etiquette

A Slay Queens’ Guide To Etiquette will help you manoeuvre through awkward situations.

You always need to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for anything.

She might be rough around the edges but she knows that if she plays the part then everything will fall into place. She knows that etiquette is lacking nowadays but she’ll never be a casualty of this. She’d never be caught dead placing a toothpick in her mouth trying to dig out chunks of meat from the abyss.

So we put together, a few tips if it’s your first time dining in that exclusive high-end place.

Always wait for everyone to be seated and for the hostess to serve them before you start eating.

Keep your cellphone away while you eat and make friendly conversation with others. Stay away from topics that always stir people the wrong way like politics and religion unless you’re trying to stand out for a reason.

Always read the invitation. Nobody dresses up in black to an all-white party unless you’re the one throwing the party.

Don’t drink too much because you’re not there to make a scene out of yourself. Also, you never know who’s watching and you don’t want to scare away your prey in case you’re hunting fresh meat.

Take off your sunglasses whenever you’re talking to someone so that you don’t seem rude. How else will they see your flawless contouring and smouldering eyes?

Be punctual. Fashionably late, of course.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Respect people’s personal space. The same way that you have nightmares about how you used to endure matatus.

Take a thoughtful gift.

Don’t wave your selfie stick everywhere talking about how you’re a vlogger. Have some self-respect for yourself.

Avoid rude jokes about the party, host or food because gossip travels fast. Keep your eye to the ground for details that might help you in the long run.

Unearthing Fabrics: Denim

Unearthing Fabrics is a new series that looks at the history of your favourite fabrics before you started wearing them on your backs.

Smooth. Versatile. Rough. Indigo Dye.


The word denim originates from a fabric created in a French town called ‘Nimes’. Then, it spread and reached an Italian city called ‘Genoa’ but the French knew it as ‘Genes’, so this was translated to jeans. Later, It reached the gold miners during the American Gold Rush, in the 1850s, and they loved its strength and adaptability.


Denim comes from cotton. Cotton seeds are planted and cultivated. The cotton plant matures with a protective layer of fibrous black seeds around it. They’re collected and separated to create a fibre. Finally, it’s cleaned and turned into yarn using an industrial machine. It undergoes treatments and washes that affect the final properties of the finished denim product. Lastly, it’s dyed and woven into a warp-faced denim style.


Denim products tend not to be very expensive unless you’re purchasing raw or organic denim. It’s also strong, durable, versatile and gets softer with time.


Denim fabrics come in different forms. This includes 100% cotton denim, raw denim, selvage denim, sanforized denim, stretch denim, coloured denim, crushed denim and acid wash denim.

100% Cotton denim is normal denim that can be treated in different ways plus it’s durable and flexible.

Raw denim isn’t washed after it’s dyed and serious denim lovers can even spend up to 6 months before washing their raw denim jeans.

Selvage Denim is premium denim that doesn’t unravel and it fringes at the end.

Sanforized denim is washed, it’s softer but less durable than raw denim.

Stretch denim is cotton mixed with spandex, to create a stretchy fabric. It easily fits on people’s bodies like skinny jeans.

Coloured denim refers to either blue or other colours. Indigo dying leads to a blue colour but Sulphur dying leads to other colours like black.

Crushed denim looks like velvet and it’s used for jackets and skirts.

Acid wash denim is when raw denim is washed with a strong acid that eats away at the dye.


Of course, denim is used in a wide variety of clothing that includes jeans, shirts, tops, jackets and et cetera. It’s used on shoes, belts and handbags. For home items, it’s used for duvets, pillows and curtains.


Wash denim once a month and spot clean stains as they turn up. It’s possible to freeze your jeans to kill germs. If you’re using a washing machine, never use more than 30°C, to prevent fading or damaging your jeans. If you’re washing by hand, then, don’t let your denim jeans soak more than 45 minutes. Reshape your jeans while they’re wet, and let them dry in the shade. Minimize or skip ironing your denim.

Unearthing Fabrics: Spandex

Unearthing fabrics is a new series that looks at your favourite garments before you started wearing them.

Today, we’re looking at Spandex however it can also be called Lycra or Elastane. It’s a wonder garment with endless possibilities.

Rock & roll musicians liked wearing tight pants, made of spandex and this helped popularise it. Superheroes & Villains wear costumes made of elastane in comic books, tv series & movie adaptations.

It’s a polyether-polyurea copolymer fabric formed when a polyester reacts with a diisocyanate to create a long polymer chain. This polymer chain is placed in a fibre production cell, spun around before it’s pushed through a spinneret.
The fibres are heated with nitrogen and solvent gas solution to form solid strands and bundled together as they exit the spinning cell. Later it’s treated with a finishing agent like magnesium stearate before its loaded on a spool ready for use.

Spandex has a high elasticity and stretches up to five times its original length without breaking.
It isn’t worn out by lotions, sweat or deodorants. It’s highly breathable, durable & easily pulls moisture to the surface so it can evaporate.
In clothes, it helps people feel comfortable since it fits different body sizes exactly. Spandex can absorb different colour pigments. A fashion designer has the freedom of creativity.
Alternatively, it can be sourced as an opaque fabric. It isn’t damaged when it’s sewn with other fabrics because it’s sturdy and abrasion-resistant.
On the other side, Spandex doesn’t let your body breathe since it’s skin tight. Also, it’s heat-sensitive, you can only handle it with warm water, so it retains its shape.

Spandex can create underwear, innerwear or activewear men and women. It can create a wide- range of fashion garments including sportswear, swimsuits, bra straps, yoga pants, leggings, bicycle pants & support hose.

Spandex is slightly expensive so it can be used with other material like wool, cotton, polyester e.t.c to give them more elasticity.
Outside fashion, spandex has also been used in furniture & automotive door panel fabrics. In the film industry, it’s used for creating motion capture suits that make it easier to generate 3D visual effects.

Let us know about your favourite Spandex moments in the comments section below.

Self-Care During Lockdown Vibes

It’s a major lockdown vibe as most of us are required to stay indoors or at least limit movement.


Nairobi Fashion Hub has self-care tips for you:

a) Limit how much time you spend absorbing stories that affect you negatively.

b) Keep fit by doing simple exercises indoors.

c) If you’re staying with kids, then, you can set aside time to play with them in the evenings.

d) Call up your friends and family or Skype them. It’s easy to forget voices or what your friends & family members look like.

e) Set aside time to pamper yourself. You can work on your hair at home and give it tender loving care. You can work on your nails or face masks to keep your skin smooth & soft.

f) Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables. To keep your immune system, strong & healthy.

g) Try out new recipes that you’ve been dying about…this includes baking in case you have a sweet tooth.

h) Listen to the sort of music that soothes your soul. The right tune has a healing touch.

i) Set aside time to go offline every day.

j) Find time to meditate & centre your energy so that you’re not pouring from a half-empty cup.

k) If you have access to seeds & soil or a garden. Use your hands, plant your seeds and water them daily. It’ll give you something to look forward to.

l) Make a list of all the movies & TV series that have been pending on your wish list. Also, get recommendations from trusted friends about what you should look for.

m) Keep it locked on Nairobi Fashion Hub so that you can learn about make-up & fashion tips that you can try out at home. So that you’re ready when it’s time to step outside again.

Images courtesy Tiny Tribes &  Pixabay/Pexels