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Natural Hair and Beauty Products Brands in Kenya 

The natural hair movement has led to an influx in beauty brands creating beauty products for natural hair. Whether your hair has a lose wave pattern, big ringlets or kinky curls, there’s a product out there for your natural hair.


But not all natural hair products are created equal. When shopping for your next bottle of hair juices and berries, you should be paying attention to the ingredient list.

There should be natural ingredients in your natural hair products. Products that contain naturally hydrating ingredients like coconut and shea butters are your hair friend. You want to stay away from products with alcohol in them or sulfates that may dry your hair out.

First, let’s be clear about what the terms “organic” and “natural” actually mean. Organic refers to something that was produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage, ionizing radiation, as well as antibiotics and growth hormones. Natural means something that originally “existed in” or was “derived from” nature.

Here is a compilation list of natural organic hair and  beauty products brands in Kenya  

1. Marini Naturals

Marini Naturals is Africa’s first quality full haircare range for all natural hair. It is a Kenyan-owned haircare line founded by two friends; Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel. The idea came to Michelle in 2013 when she made a decision to live a healthier lifestyle, and hence cut her hair to grow it afresh naturally. However, at the time there were very few good quality and affordable products to cater to the woman of natural African hair.

Today, through Marini’s full range of products, they are proud to say Kenya and Africa finally have a natural hair-care line of their own which is sure to understand their coils, kinks, and curls like no other! Michelle & Niyati successfully managed to make all the products rich in moisture, ensuring your hair is soft and manageable all day! And let’s not even get started on the scents of the products

2. Mosara Kenya

Mosara (K) Ltd is Nairobi based natural skincare and natural haircare products manufacturer, for the first few years, we operated under a business name Mnazi Naturals before transitioning to the current Mosara (K) Ltd.

Whether you have got natural, colour treated, dreadlocked or relaxed hair, Mosara have got something made just for you.
All our products are all natural, made with naturally occurring or naturally derived ingredients. They are formulated FREE of silicones, parabens, pthalates, sulfates/sulphates, petroleum jelly, petroleum derived ingredients and mineral oil.

3. Binti Naturals

Binti Naturals is a beauty company that makes organic hair and body products from natural oils and extracts found on the African continent. All our ingredients are sourced from organic farms in Eastern Africa. Their desire is to give value to their customers and remind them that Africa has always valued its natural beauty which we must reclaim.


What started as a product for African women has grown into a well-loved product for both men and women because healthy hair and skin belong to us all.

4. Saru Organics 

Saru Organics is a quality beauty care brand that serves the needs of the modern African  woman. This is a brand for the conscious lady who is keen on what her overall body consumes.

Their brand is silicone free, paraben free , sulfate free and most importantly Saru Organics source their ingredients from their vast rich continent ; be it the raw Shea butter, that is a great emollient from Uganda, (sips tea seeing how endowed the motherland is ) Avocado oil pressed from an Avocado fruit that grows in plenty in  Kisii land, moringa oleifera tree that gives us the super moisturizing moringa oil sourced from Taita hills, there is a whole diversity of great special oils within our motherland.

5. Harvest of Sunshine

Harvest of Sunshine products are crafted for the busy African individual who requires their products to work for them without much hustle and with effective results. they have been manufacturing their products since 2012 and they use ingredients that can be found growing in the African sun. Read more about our hair care and skincare cosmetics products.


Welcome to the Harvest of Sunshine experience. they are a Kenyan manufacturing company that produces 100% organic, water-based natural cosmetic products for natural African hair and all skin types

6. Wild Earth Botanics

Inspired by the wild, the healing and nourishing power of plants, and the simplicity of nature, Wild Earth Botanics was created. We are social brand harnessing the power of plant life to bring you deliciously pure, natural botanical oils and skin care blends.

With an increasing demand for high-quality natural products, they have embarked on a journey to source the cleanest and purest botanical oils and essences while at the same time working on a grass root level by supporting small scale farmers. We stay true to the wild, with no harmful preservatives, silicone’s, or packaging. We do not advocate the testing of cosmetics on animals.

7. Washindi Naturals 

Washindi Naturals is a social enterprise project under Washindi Victory Center, a Kibera non-profit founded in 2006, Washindi aims to initiate and facilitate an entrepreneurial spirit in those living in underserved communities, thus enabling them to create their own sustainable income. This through income-generating activities, start-up assistance (such as microloans), mentorship and training.

All our products are 100% natural and biodegradable. Our zero impact vision includes aiming for a positive impact on the environment through our packaging, production and raw materials. We promote reuse, recycling and upcycling

8. Bu.ke

BU.KE’ is an artisan hair & skincare brand that was founded in January 2017 by Lucy Kingóri, an entrepreneur, and is a play on 2 things. It means ‘Buy Kenyan’ and was also borrowed from our founders’sons’name, the reason she decided to come up with the range of products in the first place.

Her son was born with Eczema, a skin condition that caused serious skin irritation to the point of bleeding. She embarked on a mission to find a way to manage her sons ailing condition and what she found was eye-opening.

Almost NONE of the creams/concoctions available in the market to help manage the symptoms of the condition were truly STEROID-FREE. It had been 4 months of trying and experimenting on the ailing boy. One day however, Lucy came across Shea butter from South Sudan, a natural cream that has helped manage her son’s condition to date. Further research was done on the butter, and that was the beginning of what was to become a fantastic range of natural hair & skin care products that the entire family could enjoy.

9. Mama’s Organics

10. Super O’Bao

As part of Super O’Bao diversification and ‘practise what you preach’ policy, we ventured into natural foods and organic skincare products sourced from Kenya and other parts of Africa.

Their  flagship brand O’BAO harnesses the incredible benefits of the baobab tree, their primary products are baobab fruit powder and baobab seed oil from which we have several value added foods and natural skincare


The baobab tree is critical to maintenance of the regions’ ecosystem. The tree provides ,shade , food, water , habitat for birds, owls, bats, insects and prevents soil erosion.

11. Ajani Handmade

Ajani handmade came to be after realizing a gap in the local Kenyan beauty industry. Our products are developed to cater to natural and conscious self-care and lifestyle practices.

They are a social enterprise aimed at catering to the demands of a growing natural and organic hair and skin care market. Ajani messages are socially rooted in challenging socially imposed beauty ideals. Through their work, they act as a platform for empowerment for women.

12. Sheth Naturals

Sheth Naturals is the brainchild of Dr. Gasheri Thuku a medical doctor who strongly feels that there is need for quality, home-grown, easily accessible and most importantly, affordable hair care and skincare solutions created with love for the African woman.

Gasheri’s epiphany came when she returned to her natural hair roots and joined the natural hair community. Here, she realized that quality products at reasonable prices were few and hard to come by. Sheth Naturals thus was created to fill a need for a broad spectrum range of solutions to cater to every hair texture and curl pattern as well as all skin types and conditions. ” There is something for everyone ”

13. Keyara Organics

Keyara is a premium brand and our packaging and branding appeals to the upwardly mobile target market, Keyara Oganics is a proudly Kenyan, organic and Natural skin care business that keeps Africa at the heart of its philosophy.

They are a skincare line that draws the best of Africa’s oils and butters. they package them to suit today’s upwardly, mobile yet nature living and aware individuals. Keyara Oganics products are great for Pregnant women and mums, and they are also very good for babies.

14. Klasik Organics

Klasik Organics they  are a team inspired by nature and they  believe the manufacturing of natural products using readily available plant-based ingredients not only enables people to live a healthy life, but also have a much bigger positive impact on our planet.

At Klasik Organics, has identify problems with the beauty products we use on our bodies and curate creative natural solutions for them.

They have made it our mission to ensure natural does not mean mediocre, difficult to use or expensive. For us, natural means healthy, high quality, long-lasting and affordable.

15. Blends of Nature

The Blends of Nature product range offers you natural hair, face, body and massage solutions that will connect you to your deeper values, their  products are ethically and thoughtfully made by local and international expert Formulators. their raw materials are sourced from reputable organic /natural producers from all over Africa.

Treat yourself to these natural solutions to feel more aware, more invested.. connected, Nature offers precious oils and essences that when used, allow your true beauty to shine through.

16. AfroliciousKE

AfroliciousKe is a Kenyan brand celebrating African beauty, and encouraging women to love the hair and skin they’re in,Quality, Organic,Oils and Butters,Premium products made with natural, and pure ingredients to keep your hair and skin glowing.

AfroliciousKe was born out of the need to provide organic natural hair and skin care products, they goal is to provide information on how to take care of African hair in it’s natural state and to inspire girls and women to take pride in their authentic selves, to love the hair and skin they’re in

Driven by a passion to EMPOWER women and INSPIRE them to feel to feel BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT in their NATURAL beauty, we traveled to different East African countries to source for the best raw products.

17. Bloom & Soul

Bloom & Soul products are 100% natural, with no chemicals added, kind on all skin types and gentle on the environment! Trust them your skin will thank you.

18. Wondim’s Hair Butter

Wondim’s Hair Butter was created based on a traditional Ethiopian hair treatment that has been used for years by Ethiopians, mixed with beneficial natural oils. It’s a pre-shampoo treatment.


19. Cleo Nature

Cleo Nature is a company specializing in manufacture of handmade Natural Olive and Coconut oil bathing soaps, The soaps Natural and healthy component make them ideal for any skin type.

Everyone in the family from babies to adults can use these natural soaps because they are not harsh on even the most sensitive skin.



20. Mugzies Naturals

Mugzies Naturals founder, Mugethi Gitau  dreamed of making and selling hair products and body products, Hair because as a nappyhead, she had such trouble getting product, body because she wanted to enjoy the luxury of using organic natural products on her body.

She also wanted to make them available to others for the same reasons. She also wanted to avail them to people with sensitive skin, eczema, children and simply people who are conscious on what ingredients are in the products they are buying and using on themselves and their kids.

21. Fluffy Buttah

Fluffy Buttah has a range of whipped body butters made from shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and almond oil.

22. Zanzi Naturals

Zanzi Naturals is 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Natural Oils & Oil Blends – Organic natural hair & skin care.

23. Cinnabar Green

Cinnabar Green is a natural cosmetics company based in Laikipia, Kenya. After several years of growing organically certified medicinal herbs and producing essential oils for export we saw the need for a range of locally produced, environmentally responsible, body products.

12 years on our range has grown but the underlying desire to be responsible to our planet and kind to its people and animals remains at the heart of our business.

24. Organic Savanna

Organic Savanna is an impact driven skincare brand with a mission to empower people. their story grew from the simple idea that products should not only be made well but also do good. We want to give consumers the opportunity to shop responsibly.

Organic Savanna started in 2016 as a way to empower local women and their families. We planted 30,000 aloe plants on our farm in Kenya and together with the local community, started to make ethical + responsible aloe-based skincare products. Our products are made by hand and created in small batches.

25. The Mandevu

Mandevu Beard Care believes that every man should be able to find and use only the highest quality products for his beard. Each product we produce is distinctively made with the man in mind.

Mandevu Beard Care only uses 100% natural ingredients that are essential for maintaining a healthy, soft, conditioned and hydrated beard,their  beard care products are great for conditioning, moisturising and styling your beard to perfection

26. Zerufi Organics

Zerufi Organics sells natural skin care and hair care products. They are strong believers of not putting anything on your skin or hair that you wouldn’t want near your mouth. Their customers are people looking for effective skin and hair solutions in nature without having to resort to chemical-laden products.

Zerufi Organics tries to offer that with its products range and they are carefully formulated with natural ingredients backed with extensive research to ensure that they are not only gentle but also effective.

27. Uhai Hair

Uhai combines the best product technology from the western world with natural superfoods from the African continent to deliver solutions that REVIVE your hair., their  products are cruelty-free, vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and petroleum.

From the streets of Dakar to Nairobi and from Lagos to Joburg, women all over the continent desire strong, radiant hair. Damage inflicted upon our hair has left us with breakage and disappearing edges and forced us to look for false solutions.

28. Shea Organics

Deliciously whipped hair and body butters and organic oil blends, handcrafted with love just for you

With a versatile range of hair and skin care products, you’re sure to find something for everyone. The African black soap and shampoo range has proven to be a naturalista hit.

Their limited edition Whipped Pink Lemonade! That was recently sold had 50% of proceeds going to support cancer research, all while using all Kenyan ingredients.

29. Luguah Naturals

Luguah Naturals are a natural hair, skin and lip care line, hand-crafted from some of the best oils and butters sourced from Africa. Luguah Naturals was founded by Lulu Kimbio and Mbugua Macharia in October 2016. However, development of the products has been going on from June 2016, to find the right compositions of the natural oils and butters to create the products.

What has now grown into a brand that has hair, body and lip care products was born out of neccessity. Lulu was looking for a solution for stretch marks following her pregnancy and the solutions in the market did not work. Someone recommended Shea Butter.

Raw Shea butter has a strong smell and is not easy to apply. Lulu sought to improve this.After many trials and formulas, we developed a body butter. The solution worked for Lulu and she wanted to share it with the world. .

30. Liku by Squeezie

The need to make her own skincare products occurred when all the products on the market were hurting her husband, who has very sensitive, dry skin. After the birth of her son, Liz knew it was time to put my passion for natural ingredients to test and create a product for her family that would give their skin the nourishment it needed. A formula that would add balance or natural moisture back to her family, to have a balance, healthy glowing kin.


Liz made it a point to ensure that every ingredient used would be easy to read on the package. That is why she uses only organic and natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, mango butter, coconut oil and essential oils. The high quality of oils and butters used in Liku products prevents the need of fillers and preservatives.

“I believe in not putting anything on my body that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. Feed my skin with vitamins and nutrients to promote a healthy status and balance inside and out” said Liz

31. By Earth

Established in September 2019, By Earth has a lovely long lasting scent. Shea butter has a plethora of benefits to the skin. Everything from treating blemishes and acne to providing relief to itchy skin, you really can’t go wrong with a jar of shea butter in your bag.

By Earth have taken it one step further by adding unique and delicate scents to their products, they clearly indicate each ingredients in their product (all natural ingredients to be exact). However, if you are allergic to nuts I wouldn’t recommend using any shea products.

32. Nature Organics

Nature Organics handcrafted organic beauty products  The wide range of their products includes hair and skin items . The castor oil and custom blends are a noticeable naturalista favorite. The versatility truly shines due to the fact that the products can be used on the face, body and hair.


Their pages boasts an array of familiar Kenyan faces, all advocating for their favorite products,they have versatility  of products ranging from Womens, Men’s  and Kids all catered for, Nature Organics has thought abouth the whole family

Content courtesy of Natural Hair / Beauty Brands in Kenya & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team

Ajani Handmade

Ajani handmade came to be after realizing a gap in the local Kenyan beauty industry. Our products are developed to cater to natural and conscious self-care and lifestyle practices.
They are a social enterprise aimed at catering to the demands of a growing natural and organic hair and skin care market. Ajani messages are socially rooted in challenging socially imposed beauty ideals. Through their work, they act as a platform for empowerment for women.


Some of Ajani handmade products 

Ajani handmade target nurturing self acceptance by redefining mainstream standards of beauty by celebrating differences in physical make up and advocating for safe and informed self care and beauty practices.
Through their brand their vision is to continue to develop an extensive and organic product line that nurtures and grows the local Kenyan handmade beauty industry by staying true to our social messages.

The story  behind Ajani Brand

“Four years spent studying away from the luxuries and privileges of home left me with an afro, a world of information on African natural hair care and a will to make changes in the world around me. Through searching for information on how to care for unprocessed natural hair, I found that my story was one of many; often experiences that touched on identity, self awareness and self- esteem.

I noticed that reading and sharing these stories often led to conversations of empowerment and an unearthing of many previously unacknowledged histories and hidden social structures that shaped black women’s identities. The most exciting element of this journey was the acquisition of so much information and education on unprocessed African hair care, which had, oddly enough, never existed in my life world given that I had African textured hair.

Digging through vast amounts of new knowledge that other’s shared and experimenting with different recipes and hair care techniques naturally turned into a self- educating experience. This, coupled with a new holistic and health- conscious attitude led to two years of mixing, melting and whipping natural concoctions until I settled on a natural hair and body butter recipe that worked for both my hair and skin.

I decided to share my recipe as part of this Kenyan based product line for individuals with similar needs. I was keen to use my new skills and passions to navigate the world of social development, particularly pertaining to African women and how our life worlds affect our agency and capacities. Natural hair care was just my gateway.”

Content courtesy of  Ajani Handmade & Nairobi fashion hub Digital team

Exclusive beauty interview with Washindi Naturals co-founder Sandra & Emmy 

Get some exclusive insights from Sandra Abongo and Emmy Belt, two women behind the success of Washindi Naturals, 100% natural body and lifestyle products.
Sandra Abongo and Emmy Belt  have an inspiring story to share. Learn more about their insights and the humble beginnings of there brand in NFH exclusive interview.

Some of Washindi Naturals 100% natural body and lifestyle products.

Sandra: My name is Sandra Abongo, Program Manager for projects and programs under the CBO Washindi Victory Center ( WVC ). Washindi Naturals ( WN ) started as a project under WVC and has now become its own fully-fledged social enterprise. Along with my partner and co-founder, Emmy Belt, through WN, makes high quality 100% natural body and lifestyle products.

We are a socially and eco-conscious brand creating opportunities for sustainable income for women in Kibera and other under-served areas through enterprise and financial training.

Emmy: I’m Emmy Belt, the Program Manager of Washindi Naturals. We started a year and a half ago, working with women from underprivileged areas, like Kibera and Kawangware. Our business side is selling artisanal, environmentally friendly and holistic body and lifestyle products.

We train women in basic business skills like production, quality control, accounting, inventory maintenance, sales, etc; The Tenets of Entrepreneurship!

When and how did you get into the beauty industry?

Sandra: In May 2018, by seeing the opportunities in the industry and how it can create avenues for change for the women we work with. We at WVC are always looking for sustainable ways of bringing change.

While researching one of these avenues and the opportunities within, we saw the potential for great impact through the beauty eco-conscious industry.

Emmy: We started in May 2018, first at small markets, then at the amazing co-share store Made in Kenya, while slowly growing our brand and reach.

We are still growing, but hope to expand our market two-fold in the next coming year​!

What were you doing before you decided to set up Washindi Naturals?

Sandra: Working with WVC. I still do work as program manager for WVC.

Emmy: I’ve always had a passion for Eco-conscious and sustainable business and living, so when I wasn’t doing marketing and social media for our founder company, WVC, I had side projects that ranged from looking at the sustainability of using discarded corn cobs as fuel to recycling and re-purposing waste plastic in my neighborhood.

What was the catalyst in the journey of your natural product?

Sandra: Seeing the impact it made on the women we engage, as well as the significance and change that using natural, organic products has on mine and our clients’ skin and lifestyle.

Emmy: Apart from assisting women in empowering themselves keeping our products low impact, both on the planet and the body, is very important to me. It became a perfect mesh between my hopes for the world, and what I invest my time in!

How would you describe your signature look?

Sandra: African with a splash of new age!

​​​​​​​Emmy: Natural, comfortable and inspired!

Why is it important for skincare products to be organic?

Sandra: The amount of synthetic and lower quality ingredients in commercial products can not only be ineffective, but even harmful. Organic products are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and additives, meaning clients can be assured that they are getting an authentic experience in using said products.

​​​​​​​This gives them peace of mind that what they are using is not industrial, but taps into nature’s goodness and thus is more beneficial, both to them and the planet.

Emmy: Not only are they demonstrably and resoundingly better for your body, but the production and use of them has a significant impact on our footprint on the planet! Let’s make change wherever we are able.

How important are the ingredients in skincare products?

Sandra: People should always look at what they are putting onto their skin. It is the largest organ in the body and thus is immensely crucial to the whole network of our body.

Therefore my advice is always to look at the ingredients to see what you’re introducing to this network. Stay away from parabens and heavy metals, as they (indicated by tons of research) have detrimental effects, especially as carcinogens.

Emmy: Just as what you eat affects you from within, beauty products affect you from without. There are many ingredients, both synthetic and natural, that can be damaging to you.

I recommend you take a look at the ingredients lists in your bathroom and do a quick search! It pays to know what exactly you’re introducing to your body, as the effects can be long-lasting or irreversible, to detrimental or beneficial effect.

What’s a skincare secret that you wish more people knew?

Sandra: Moisturise! Your skin needs TLC and the best form, in my opinion, is a little moisture, especially during harsh weather such as extreme cold or heat. Like here in Nairobi, it gets super hot and dry in the daytime, and cold at night! Moisturizing helps retain elasticity so, younger skin, protects from the elements, and keeps the skin from drying out:

Making our skin look healthier and smoother with a nice glow!

Emmy: Let your skin breathe! Don’t overburden it with treatments and products. Limit yourself to a scrub a week, minimal makeup, wash your face with only water. Let your skin find its own balance before starting treatments.

How important do you think it is for people to have a regular skin care regimen?

Sandra: Very important! As I said, it is our largest organ, so if we take care of it then we are already playing a huge part in taking care of our bodies as a whole.

Emmy: Extremely! Don’t get me wrong, a skincare regime doesn’t have to be drawn out to qualify as a regime.

Wash your face with water every morning and evening, use natural oils and butters where your skin needs an extra boost. Repeated and deliberate love and care is very important!

Why should anyone use your service or product?

Sandra: Our products are local, African, 100% natural, eco-conscious and are made with organic ingredients. Every purchase helps us grow and furthers our mission to empower women. I say “made with organic” following a conversation I had with one of our clients. Most of our ingredients are organic, with the exception of the saponifying agent (lye) which in most, if not all soaps, cannot be 100% organic.

This is a common misconception, which makes some people question “are you really organic?” So I always try to dispel their doubts or fears by explaining this factor. We also have something for all skin types, and they smell great, too!

Emmy: Our long term vision is to assist women with limited resources to become independent, to create sustainable and scalable livelihoods. In order to get there, we need to build our brand, and it’s important for us to model eco-consciousness and body positivity while we do that.

More Washindi Natural products collections available at selected store in Nairobi

You started working in the beauty industry several years ago, how has the industry changed since you began?

Sandra: We are just a year old, but I would say there is more awareness and absorption of natural and socially conscious products these days.

Emmy: People are getting more and more interested in products that do service to the planet and their bodies.

The last couple of years we’ve really seen this grow in Nairobi, giving our vision a market to move into and within. We’re excited to see more businesses go in this direction, and more customers choose natural!

Any plans to come up with new products line?

Sandra: Sure, we are always learning and diversifying. Washindi Naturals keeps evolving by trying to stay above the fray. Stay looped in by following us on Instagram @washindinaturals !

Emmy: Definitely! We are taking a holistic approach to natural body and soul care, adding more skin, beauty and lifestyle products. But we are taking the climb slowly and surely, taking care of our base customers and the women we work with, by keeping our main focus on our core product line.

What is your brand philosophy?

Empowering through Enterprise! We do this by creating avenues and opportunities for sustainable
livelihoods, while also championing for eco-consciousness.

What are 5 most popular beauty products you use?

Sandra: I use our whole product range, but if I had to choose: Coffee+Vanilla, Tea+Masala, and Charcoal+Pine soaps. The hair and body oils I use are Vanilla, and Lavender+Mint (these are great for massages, too, by the way!), and the Vanilla body scrub.

Emmy: That is a tough question to answer! I love citrusy and fresh scents, so if I have to choose I’d say the Coconut+Lemongrass and Chia+Eucalyptus Soaps, but then I also adore the relaxing combo of our Turmeric+Lavender+Rosemary Soap.

I also use the Lemongrass Body Scrub in the shower and the Lavender+Mint Hair and Body Oil for massages and to moisturize my locs.

How long have you been natural?

Sandra: As long as I remember!

Emmy: It started as a teenager when I began to realize that all these different products we were using were pretty much all the same, and to make it worse, damaging! The soaps were too harsh, whilst the conditioner and lotion faked moisture. It’s been a journey, but I’m much happier, having let the concept of natural and eco-friendly spread to other parts of my life, as well.

Which element of your job do you most enjoy?

Sandra: Working with the women. It’s a large reason I do what I do, because when I see the impact on their lives and how it has upgraded their living standards,  in whichever way then I know I am accomplishing something great. I also love the production process. Whenever we make products, there’s a swirl of amazing smells.

I love it!

Emmy: Right now I wear many hats since Washindi Naturals we’re still sprouting, so to speak. I’m learning so much! It’s enrapturing, infuriating, rewarding, draining, and oh so worth it!

What is beauty for you?

Sandra: Inside and out. It’s character, it’s personality, it’s a je ne sais quoi!

Emmy: Beauty is confidence. The most attractive people I’ve met shone from the inside, and nobody could resist falling a little bit in love with them.

What are your 5 beauty do’s and don’ts?

Sandra: Do: wear sunscreen, moisturise, exfoliate, and tone. Those are my basics, I don’t do much more.

Don’t: Not use sunscreen or moisturiser!

Emmy: DO: Be Yourself, You Are Beautiful! DON’T: Worry Yourself, You Are Beautiful!

Does everyone look better with beauty products?

Sandra: Everyone is beautiful! We just want to help them stay healthy as well!

Emmy: Everyone looks better if they feel better! We hope to help with that.

If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible skin, what do you do?

Sandra: I guess the best quick fixes are make-up, which is not my forte I hardly wear any make-up.

If it’s not up to me to do a quick fix by make-up, I’d recommend one of our products depending on what is affecting her/his skin. I’d definitely always start with a good scrub the day before a big event, leaving your skin fresh and glowing!

Emmy: Wouldn’t it be great if that term didn’t exist? If blemishes and breakouts were normalized and also seen as natural? I’d work to help make that happen!

What inspires you today?

Sandra: A lot, but I’d say, first and foremost, my mother.

Emmy: There are so many amazing entrepreneurial and world improving women out there, and so many in Nairobi!

When I see the amazing company I find myself in, I hope I can measure up and work my hardest to someday be on equal footing with them. I’m currently very inspired by the ladies behind the Made in Kenya Store, who in addition to the store also have their own businesses!

Beauty Instagram profiles have become a major influence on the beauty industry, but you keep yours quite personal, how important are social platforms for you?

Sandra: As a marketing tool, they are vital in this day and age. Handled well, they can be pivotal to a business’ growth and have been to ours.

Emmy: We want to share with our customers our realness, zaniness, zest for life and zeal for the planet, and social media platforms are excellent to connect with our people!

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring entrepreneur seeking to venture in organics products?

Sandra: Do your best. Dedication and tenacity are essential during the pivotal first years of growth.

There will be a lot of strife, manifested through obstacles and detractors, as you grow your business. An almost feverish focus will be required to manoeuvre these challenges.

And it always helps to have a substantive anchor, whether through family, a good team or personal hobbies. I’ve personally always garnered strength and respite through my faith.

Find something that keeps you whole, whatever that may be.

Emmy: Do your research, stay true to yourself, and stick it through. Starting a business is the toughest, but most rewarding thing you can do. It will beat you down time after time, but if you’ve chosen with your heart it will all be worth it.

Share with us 3 random facts about you that very few people know!

Sandra: I like dark TV shows  “ they help me better understand the world in a strange new perspective” , I make amazing chocolate potatoes “ thanks to my dear friend Elena”  and I often make up random words “ my friend Sofi and I are notorious butchers of the English/Portuguese language! ” .

Emmy: I went to circus school for a year when I was 19, I have a fear of depths “ nope, not heights  and I like attention but I really don’t want to become famous.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other women looking to start-up?

Sandra: Press towards the mark. Don’t let challenges or doubts dissuade you.

Emmy: It’s hard to know when or if to quit, but know that there is no such thing as failure.

Not succeeding is the best learning experience!

Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you? ( Provide your Instagram, website, Facebook page if any please)

Instagram:  @washindinaturals
Facebook: @washindinaturals

Adopt a simple routine, clean your skin gently, and don’t abuse of the sun (stay away from it potentially!). Drink a lot of water, don’t smoke and laugh without limitation!

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