Sunday 21st of July 2024

Nairobi, Kenya

Self-Care During Lockdown Vibes

It’s a major lockdown vibe as most of us are required to stay indoors or at least limit movement.


Nairobi Fashion Hub has self-care tips for you:

a) Limit how much time you spend absorbing stories that affect you negatively.

b) Keep fit by doing simple exercises indoors.

c) If you’re staying with kids, then, you can set aside time to play with them in the evenings.

d) Call up your friends and family or Skype them. It’s easy to forget voices or what your friends & family members look like.

e) Set aside time to pamper yourself. You can work on your hair at home and give it tender loving care. You can work on your nails or face masks to keep your skin smooth & soft.

f) Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables. To keep your immune system, strong & healthy.

g) Try out new recipes that you’ve been dying about…this includes baking in case you have a sweet tooth.

h) Listen to the sort of music that soothes your soul. The right tune has a healing touch.

i) Set aside time to go offline every day.

j) Find time to meditate & centre your energy so that you’re not pouring from a half-empty cup.

k) If you have access to seeds & soil or a garden. Use your hands, plant your seeds and water them daily. It’ll give you something to look forward to.

l) Make a list of all the movies & TV series that have been pending on your wish list. Also, get recommendations from trusted friends about what you should look for.

m) Keep it locked on Nairobi Fashion Hub so that you can learn about make-up & fashion tips that you can try out at home. So that you’re ready when it’s time to step outside again.

Images courtesy Tiny Tribes &  Pixabay/Pexels