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The 12 Most Influential People in Fashion Industry in Uganda

Posted On : September 10, 2013

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4. Keturah Kamugasha

Keturah is the editor-in-chief of Flair for her magazine, a lifestyle magazine for women. She has for many years used her popular style columns both in the Newvision newspaper and her magazine, to influence what people wear and the designers of the moment. Through her writing, she has shared her knowledge on fashion with the rest of the world, while also inspiring young fashion writers and journalists

5. Gloria Wavamunno

An accomplished designer and tailor, Gloria Wavamunno continues to raise the bar high for fashion in Uganda with her brainchild, Kampala Fashion Week. She chose to live and work in Uganda, to use her genius to impact the local industry. Kampala Fashion Week is the most influential fashion platform in Uganda, often attracting designers from as far as London to fly in and showcase their new designs.

6. Joram Muzira

The models who walk the runways are such a crucial element of the shows, bringing to life the creative vision of designers. Casting directors are usually charged with the role of hiring the right models for the job. Joram Muzira has grown to become the most in demand casting director and model manager in the business. His shrewd and tough demeanor has polished the careers of most of the successful models now including Aamito and Patricia Akello among others.

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