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The Africa Outstanding Professionals Awards, Which Were Held At The Concord Hotel & Suites In Nairobi, Kenya, Honored Sina Tsegazeab Of Natna Hair For Excellence In Beauty And Wellness.

Posted On : October 2, 2023

Oscar Alochi


Sina Tsegazeab of Natna Hair received an Africa Outstanding Professionals Award for her work in beauty and wellness

Nairobi, Kenya – September 28, 2023
The esteemed African Outstanding Professionals Award has been given to successful entrepreneur Sina Tsegazeab of Kampala, Uganda. During the second iteration of the event, which was put on by The Business Executive Media Group, the award presentation took place at The Concord Hotel & Suites in Nairobi, Kenya. Distinguished professionals, business titans, and stakeholders gathered to honor Sina’s outstanding accomplishments.

The Essence of the African Outstanding Professionals Award
The African Outstanding Professionals Award, created by the Ghanaian company The Business Executive Media Group with roots in Accra, aims to recognize and identify those who have excelled in a variety of professions.
This honor crosses national boundaries and includes both native Africans and visitors who have made major contributions to the socioeconomic development of the continent.

Who is Sina Tsegazeab?
The founder of Natna Hair (http://natnahair.com), Eritrean-Ugandan businessman Sina Tsegazeab, also holds a diploma in marketing in addition to a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
She started Natna Hair in 2015 after realizing there was a need for high-quality human hair on the market.
She has increased the company’s operations throughout the years to 13 nations, including Dubai, the United States, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

What Sina Says About Natna Hair
Beyond producing outstanding items, Sina has even bigger plans for Natna Hair.
She is dedicated to maintaining Natna Hair on the cutting edge of fashion and technology.
She has recently introduced nourishing shampoo and rejuvenating spray, demonstrating her commitment to advancing whole hair wellbeing.
Natna Hair is more than a company; it’s a movement that stands for sincerity and unadulterated beauty.

Changing the Narrative in Beauty and Wellness
Unrealistic beauty standards are frequently upheld by the beauty and wellness sector, which also largely favors synthetic goods. Sina understood that a change was necessary.
With its selection of human hair services, which includes wigs that are as lusciously curly as goddesses, Natna Hair provides a welcome option.
It serves as a beacon of unadulterated beauty in a world where that is all too frequently the case.

Connecting with Natna Hair
Sina’s commitment to natural health also extends to her clients.
Through its website and social media channels, Natna Hair is an easy company to get in touch with. Discover their selection of wigs and accessories, which are intended to encourage people to appreciate their own natural beauty.
No matter where you live in the world in Nairobi, Accra, or anywhere else Natna Hair brings brilliance to your door.

What Makes Sina Unique
The acclaim Sina won at AFROPA was a result of her dedication to authenticity and the tireless efforts of her staff.
She is rewriting the standards and adopting natural beauty as the new benchmark with her team. She wants to express her gratitude to all of her customers in East Africa and beyond for their steadfast support.
She has faith in her customers, and they have faith in her.
Honored to accept the Africa Outstanding Professionals Award (AFROPA) from the Business Executives in Accra, Ghana, for the @natna_hair_ brand at the Concord Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, as Sina so beautifully puts it.
This accolade makes me think about the journey my outstanding team takes to keep bringing quality to the lifestyle sector.

We are incredibly appreciative of our customers in East Africa for having faith in us even as we launch new products like nourishing shampoo and rejuvenating spray.
#AwardWinningHairBrand #ExcellenceInBeauty #HairIsNecessity ”
Pioneers in the push for a more natural and genuine beauty and wellness sector are Sina and Natna Hair.
Their journey, which was characterized by acclaim and creativity, is an example to everyone.
It’s time to get involved, celebrate your inherent beauty, and benefit from the excellence Sina and Natna Hair provide the world.
Be motivated, sincere, and unique.

Distinguished individuals such as Antony Buluma, President of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association, Ruth Muene, a Communications Expert working with the Kenyan President’s office, and Atong Amos of Triple-A Petroleum in South Sudan were in attendance at the award event.
Their participation accentuated the importance of Sina Tsegazeab’s accomplishment and added splendor to the celebration.

Content courtesy of Bryan Morel Publications, Sina Tsegazeab & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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