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The Grand Finale Of Miss And Mrs. India Kenya 2023 Dazzles The Audience.

Posted On : August 20, 2023

Oscar Alochi


An Overview of Miss & Mrs. India Kenya 2023’s Grand Finale
The Broadwalk Mall came into the spotlight on the romantic evening of August 19, creating the scene for a night of splendor and grace as the Miss & Mrs. India Kenya 2023 grand finale took place. After the captivating talent show at Bao Box on August 17, excitement was high for a party that expertly mixed class, empowerment, and style.
Since holding the famous Miss India Kenya pageant in 2016, Eventique, the driving force behind this illustrious event, has served as a beacon of Indian culture and empowerment. Continuing their history, they expanded the platform in 2021 by introducing the Mrs. India Kenya category and showcasing the inspiring stories of married ladies.

With 11 excellent contestants competing for the Miss title and 9 exceptional women competing for the Mrs. title, this year’s pageant had an impressive lineup of finalists. A prestigious team of judges, including notables like Pranav Pancholi, Susan Kaittany, Lolita Kozyreva, Ahmed Hafez, Farah Esmail, and Farouk Jannedy, were tasked with choosing the winners.
The energetic emcees Jamil Alibhai and Angela Muiruri presided over the event. From the introduction of the inspirational contestants to the intensive top 5 question and answer session that displayed their humor and intelligence, their captivating presence led the audience through every moment.

The evening’s soul was captured in the dramatic crowning moments. Ushma Khetia Samani won the prestigious title of Mrs. India Kenya 2023, while Soumya Uppal was named Miss India Kenya 2023.
These remarkable ladies represented true empowerment via their strength of character as well as their beauty and grace.

The significance of the event went beyond the glitz and glitter and included social responsibility.
Highlighting the event’s dedication to social change, Eventique and the newly crowned queens committed their support to Women4Cancer and the Hawkers Market Girls Center.

The inspiring event’s creator, Aliza Rajan, got up on stage and gave a moving statement. Aliza thanked the distinguished attendees, participants, and partners for their assistance in making the First joint Miss and Mrs. India Worldwide Kenya 2023 Gala Night a reality.
She commended the candidates on their wonderful trip and emphasized the ties formed by the commitment of women of various ages and backgrounds.

Aliza’s words captured the spirit of the pageant, which was one of empowerment, teamwork, and personal development.
The Aliza Rajan Foundation, a non-governmental organization devoted to empowering women in rural Kenya via the acquisition of crucial entrepreneurship skills, was also unveiled by Aliza Rajan, the inspirational director of Eventique.

This program closely aligns with the pageant’s mission to promote empowerment and open doors for long-term development.
The Miss & Mrs. India Kenya 2023 Grand Finale’s conclusion signaled the start of a new era for the titleholders as well as the end of an event.
Kenya will be represented by Soumya Uppal and Ushma Khetia Samani at The Miss India Worldwide 2024, a prominent competition organized by the IFC, a global pioneer in Indian pageants and fashion events.

Content courtesy of Go Places, Miss/Mrs India Kenya & NFH 

Oscar Alochi


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