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The Newest Collection From Natna Hair was Unveiled In Kampala, Uganda

Posted On : October 21, 2022

Ann Mumbi


Natna Hair, a company that sells hair products that are located in Uganda and is renowned for producing high-quality items, unveiled its newest product earlier this week in its Kampala studio.
At a press conference held last Tuesday at Prism Plaza, the sales manager, Sina Tsegazeab, introduced the new product range, which is referred to as Unique by Natna.

She described the goal of this collection as being to produce something that was not just unique but also for the everyday lady to wear during her press conference.

A part of the creative process with the team was to curate something different from our previous ponytail pieces, and in doing so, we started looking at possible ideas, which led to the birth of this collection, according to Sina. “The production process for the Unique by Natna hairline has been an 18-month-long process,” she says.

She continues by saying that the collection, which includes 31 various styles in 5 major textures, has a human feel and top-notch durability.

“Our aim is to provide our customers with a limitless range of affordable everyday hair options. The items in this collection will simplify your daily hair care procedures and come with simplified installation options for the average lady who loves to look nice, she continues.

The occasion was attended by members of the media, brand supporters, and several well-known figures in Uganda’s fashion industry, including model manager Joram Job Muzira, who gave the newly launched hairline his praise.

These kinds of advancements will help the Ugandan fashion and beauty industries reach the heights to which they must ascend. This collection is no exception, according to Joram, who said that Natna hair is known for its beautiful and excellent quality hair accessories.
At the company’s studio, which is situated in Prism Plaza on Kampala Road, customers may now buy the Unique by Natna hair collection.

Content courtesy of Natna hair collection & NFH

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