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Tikovah Clothing Creative Director talks about her fashion Journey and How she was inspired By Art

Posted On : May 18, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Nigerian designer, Ihenatu Kodlinye Mike Creative Director, at Tikovah Clothing shares her journey into fashion as she prepares to showcase at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2018

What inspired your fashion journey?
Tikovah Clothing: Growing up as a child I used to see my mom and grandma make clothes with portable sewing machines, I was always fascinated at the process of converting a plain fabric to bespoke and hot couture outfits.

Art also inspired my fashion journey; I appreciate Art so much to the extent that everything I do has to have aesthetics and creativity written over it, I was always keen to make something. I selected my clothes, picked out my shoes, styled my mom’s hair a lot- I still do (laughs), and played with her jewelries too. My mom and dad played a profound role in my journey, my mom has this big wardrobe filled clothes , jewelries and what not, so I used to play dress up too ,while my dad never failed to buy the really good and pretty stuff to help augment my fashion flair

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Oscar Alochi


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