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Timeless Fashion Forum

Posted On : August 14, 2019

Ann Mumbi


Timeless Fashion Forum is a fashion initiative started by Terra Model Management to create a learning platform for people seeking knowledge about Fashion business as well as protecting them from lawlessness that may not be visible to them but happen because of lack of knowledge and information.

This year we plan to host the forum with No Entrance charges on 17th August 2019 from 10Am-5Pm at Alliance Francaise, Moyne Drive Nyali.

To develop and encourage a collaborative movement which would transform Environmental & Social standards in Coast Fashion Industry.

To promote and encourage sustainable practices such as; Facilitate Collaboration of Creatives in Fashion; Raise Awareness of Business Side of Fashion; Provide Tools & Resources needed to reduce poverty; Eliminate malpractices and Raise Standards in Fashion Industry

1.Educate and create a learning platform for people wishing to know more about Fashion industry and people in it.

2.Create a networking platform for models, make-up artists, photographers, agencies, designers and other fashion players for future collaborations and jobs.

3.To unite all persons in fashion industry in Coast and coming up with solutions to tackle challenges in the industry.

4.Offer Legal knowledge and laws to safeguard people in fashion industry against Fraud, Bad promoters and illuminate crimes that happens in industry and how to evade them.

Content courtesy of Timeless Fashion Forum ,Terra Model Management & Nairobi fashion hub


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