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Tips On Makeup For Men

Posted On : May 9, 2018

Linda Wairegi


Ladies love feeling beautiful and confident about themselves. Indeed, why wouldn’t a man want to feel as confident in his own skin?

Welcome to the world of make for men

In case, as a man, you ever need to wear make-up then use the tips below to guide you. Perhaps, you’re an artist and you need to look a certain way because your image matters.

Make-up sits better on a face that doesn’t have a lot of problem areas specifically acne. So invest in a good skincare routine. In men’s skincare products, it includes cleanser, toner and moisturizer depending on what works for your face. However, if you’ve been using bar soap on your face and it’s clear and smooth then keep up with it.

Consider exfoliating your skin so that you can remove dead face cells and unleash a youthful and fresh visage. A trip to the spa can also help rejuvenate your skin.

When you look in the mirror and stare at your face, some places look darker or lighter. You can use make-up to colour correct your skin. Colour correcting means making sure that your face has an even tone including your neck. Certainly, after bad acne, people are usually left with dark spots and perhaps you just want to conceal it as your face keeps healing.

Consider investing in items like BB cream or Foundation For Men. Make sure that it matches your skin tone by asking for a little help at the beauty store. Match it to your inner wrist.

Get a brow pencil. Use it to shade in your brows create a natural look with stronger eyebrows that’ll make your face look more defined. You can also use it make your beard look fuller especially if it grows slowly.

Learn how to contour your jawline so that your face can look tougher and more macho. Make ladies swoon because they just can’t get over how powerful you look to them even though they can’t place a finger on it.

Being a man means that you have lost of late nights because you’re always chasing money with projects, here and there. Of course, we all know this means endless eye bags and they don’t look good when you’re staring at yourself in the mirror. Learn how to use concealer to reduce the appearance of eye bags so that you always look flawless.

Never forget lip care. Use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips so that they stay smooth and inviting. Invest in a good lip balm that you can use on chilly days to prevent chapped lips.



Linda Wairegi

Creative writer interested in life & being happy 😉

Linda Wairegi

Creative writer interested in life & being happy ;)


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