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Top 20 Beard Styles for African Men

Posted On : October 15, 2019

Ann Mumbi


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11. The Anchor Beard

The anchor beard also goes by the name Balbo, and it’s a fun combination of the goatee and mustache.
Look at this beard style from a distance and it appears to look exactly like an anchor or possibly an inverted tree. Black actors in Hollywood have made this beard style extremely popular now.

The beard style is nothing more than a full thick goatee with a section shaved that connects the mustache and chin beard.
These two missing sections need to be trimmed daily to maintain the appearance of the anchor or Balbo beard.

12. Friendlier Mutton Chops

Now while the original mutton chops might scare some people, this watered-down version is a friendlier alternative for those who want to be able to wear their mutton chops proudly.
The friendly mutton chops are the same length and shape as the original. The one big difference is that you want to grow out the mustache for a more inviting look.
To further complement this beard style, allow the hair on the cheeks and jaw to grow to about medium length.

13. The Barely Shaved Beard

Do not get the shaved beard confused with no facial hair at all. Although from a distance it can appear you are clean-shaven, the trick here is to let the stubble grow each day to the same length before trimming.
By keeping the trimmer set on the lowest possible setting and shaving at the same time each day, by late afternoon this beard will look like little sprouts making their way to the surface of your face
This sexy five o’clock shadow look can be trimmed and sculpted differently to allow facial hair to grow in precise areas.

14. The Bald Man Beard

When it comes to beard styles for black men, the bald man beard is a classic that just never seems to go out of style.
Popularized by men who were balding and still could grow full beards, the beard was thick and luxurious and climbed the jawline right to the edge of the ear before a clean line was made and no hair is allowed to proceed higher.
Not only does this look command attention, even guys with a full head of hair would shave it bald just to get the benefits and attention this look commands.

15. The Circle Beard

Here is a fun beard style that looks great with any face shape. The idea here is creating a small linear strip of beard that follows the jawline from the ears to the goatee.
The goatee will be growing in slightly longer to become the focal point. The trick here is not to go for squared off cuts with the goatee.

Everything needs to be rounded from the mustache to the chin beard, then up and towards the ears.
This tame look is for men who want to keep things sophisticated and yet mysterious at the same time.

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