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Tshepang Mollison

Posted On : March 22, 2020

Fashion Police


The fashion and beauty influencer is definitely body goals and when she’s not travelling to exotic places then she’s chilling and eating the finest food because “Twiggy takes snaps and eats a lot”.

Tshepang ” Twiggy ” Mollison she is a Film & Radio production graduate from UCT and Brand Strategy & communications graduate from Vega a with a keen interest in food, photography and travel.

Besides that, she is also a fashionista of note who knows how to play around with her wardrobe. Furthermore, as a model, she has collaborated with big brands such as Spree, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila just to name a few, Judging from her Instagram page, Twiggy is also a fan of warmer weather and enjoys playing in the water.



She has massive followers on her Instagram 40,000 plus, and on YouTube she has less than 1,000 subscribers more of her work are available on her blog Sleepless in Soweto

Content courtesy of Moss Onyi & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team

Fashion Police


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