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Uganda Celebrity Stylist Abryanz Launches New Fashion Collection as He Celebrates 10 years in Fashion Industry

Posted On : April 17, 2021

Oscar Alochi


Fashion guru Bryan Ahumuza aka Abryanz from Uganda has launched a new fashion collection dubbed ‘When No One Is Watching’ to celebrate 10 years in the fashion and style industry.

Abryanz has put a mark on Uganda’s fashion industry especially through his Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) event which happens annually, and now he has decided to introduce a new fashion line as he celebrates 10 years in the industry.

According to Abryanz, his latest fashion invention has a combination of passion, zeal, and love that he has for creating excellence.

“The rebirth of the brand’s look and feel enhances the apparel space that the brand wishes to reach and is led by the concept of merchandise drops. This will use themes of inclusion and diversity of the community in both an ergonomic and socially inclined mandate,”

“Rather than just a fast fashion brand with no message, this newfound proposition will inspire patriotism of its identity and honest representation of its sense of belonging,” he noted

He adds that this new collection will give a true sense of rigid life in a fast-paced life of youths and a feeling of being young at heart.

“Natural awkwardness of the abnormally joyful youth who cultivate everything alternative and truly influence a shift in culture at every point of advancement.” He said.

This new collection will offer styles in staple essentials ranging from unisex tracksuits, branded t-shirts showing off the new brand logos, caps, underwear for both male and female, and high-end fashion eyewear.

About Abryanz Shop

The year is 2010, and the fashion community in Uganda is at its inaugural stages, and at one of the most significant points in its growth. During the same year, the now renowned Abryanz brand was birthed.

Abryanz’s 11-year span in the business has been quite an eventful, but fulfilling journey that has seen our portfolio grow from fashion, entertainment to the hospitality business, their approach Right from its foundation, The Abryanz brand set out to create a world-class service/product tailored for the modern and fashion-conscious consumer.

Abryanz’s approach is to have class and exquisite taste at the forefront of many of our products, giving our clientele a once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience.

Whether it’s a piece of clothing from our men’s apparel or the hospitality at any of our events, we strive to ensure that our guests/clients receive a world-class product from our brand.

They thrive on our creativity and flexibility, a trait that enables us to cater to any of our clients that come our way.

Content courtesy of  WatchDog Uganda & Nairobi fashion hub 

Oscar Alochi


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