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UK based store House of Bacia to open online franchise in Kampala

Posted On : July 17, 2019

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The Kampala Fashion scene is about to get a whole lot better this July, as a new fashion power house will be launching on the scene. House of Bacia, a UK based online store is set to launch in Kampala soon, with focus on unisex causal and street style driven clothing and accessories.

The franchise’s CEO, Mary Bacia says the store is on a mission to revolutionize fashion in Kampala, and also make shopping more convenient for its customers.

Mary Bacia founder and CEO of House of Bacia

“The idea came to me one day after I watched a TV advert for Pretty Little Things, which is one of the leading online stores in the world. And it hit me that a lot of Ugandans probably face challenges while online shopping, and that is what we are here to do. We are working to make shopping a smooth and amazing experience for our customers,” Mary explains.

The online store is set to be launched later this month, with amazing offers and discounts on selected items set to be unveiled on then. The store will be a 24 hour operational shopping hub, with shoppers being able to make purchases using their Visa, Master Cards and Pay pal options.

Content courtesy of House of Bacia & Nairobi fashion hub 

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