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Vault Beauty Products

Posted On : January 9, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Don’t ask for just one measly product this year: put a vault on your wish list! A beauty vault is a big collection of products that’s often limited edition. Some especially enticing choices come out during the holidays, so we curated a list of our favorite options. Whether you’re big on lipstick, skin care, or eye shadow, there’s something out there you’ll fall for. Take a look at these hot ticket packages and get them ASAP. They never stick around for long!


The holidays are all about indulgences. Consider the amount of mulled wine, cookies and eggnog we inhale during the season.
Guilty gastronomical gorges aside, the holidays are also for treating our loved ones to things they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. If you want to bring some serious festive cheer to the beauty-obsessed on your list, consider giving makeup vaults this year.

Vaults aren’t simply your run-of-the-mill, limited-edition holiday beauty launches. They’re bigger and bolder than palettes and they even take beauty kits to the next level. Vaults are the splurge-worthy gift for someone who has been really, really good this year. (And you can include yourself in that.)

They often contain a huge selection of products, giving beauty lovers ample opportunities to experiment. With so many options, there’s no need to be concerned about choosing the most flattering colors because the vault likely includes them all. And beauty vaults don’t even require wrapping thanks to their chic packaging.

About Vault Cosmetics

Vault cosmetics founder, Jackie Mgido has her roots in Zimbabwe and has experienced the makeup challenges faced by the everyday woman in Sub-Saharan Africa. Jackie intentionally crafted Vault cosmetics with this forethought and focus. She has developed an extensive range of fresh formulas and stunning colors designed to give a natural look to anyone who dares to indulge in their image, beauty, and inner vault.

Vault cosmetics’ complete product line welcomes women of every age, creed, color. Vault also embodies the utmost in quality, distinction and integrity. Every product is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, allergy tested and non-comedegenic. Vault’s philosophy is not only to offer a great product but also to educate the consumer on the benefits of makeup and proper application techniques.

Oscar Alochi


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