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Wan Fam Clothing Brand Recognized International

Posted On : May 16, 2014

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Kenyan Brand Recognized International Wan fam Clothing,was founded by Jeff Wanjala, 30, and his brother Emmanuel Wanjala, 25, Jeff says, Wan Fam is not an acronym for Wanjala.

The business grew through referrals and word of mouth from a close-knit family of friends – hence the name Wan Fam (a play on one family). ​

From an initial starting capital of Sh5,000 in 2009, Jeff says, Wan Fam last year registered a turnover of Sh4 million. The fashion start-up deals primarily with urban fashion, including travel and gym bags, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets and backpacks

The formidable Maasai tribe have long been known as tall and fierce warriors, but they have recently also become unlikely fashion icons.

A Kenyan clothing label has taken inspiration from the patterns of the traditional Maasai shuka, a cloth usually worn wrapped around the body, to produce clothes and accessories in vibrant tribal prints.

Nairobi-based Wan Fam Clothing was founded by brothers Jeff and Emmanuel Wanjala — the sibling duo say they want to pay homage to Kenya’s Maasai culture by turning a traditional garment into fashionable urban wear.

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