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Who is Ruby Okidi ? She is the Founder and Head Designer at Style By Ruby

Posted On : July 10, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Style by Ruby is an African inspired fashion house which deals with African prints and fabric to help clients reach their dreams of having African themed functions. While most of our outfits are functional, we also made simple outfits that can be worn in lazy weekends.

What inspired your fashion journey?

Ruby Okidi : I would have to admit that I have always been a fashionable personality. Dressing up is one of the ways I express myself. It was just one of those days that I was doing what I love best, I designed an outfit and posted on Social media, and that created a demand for it. My sister had earlier suggested that I take the fashion thing seriously. So due to demand, I made the outfit to those who wanted on order, hence their deposit was my start up.

Tell us about the aims and targets of your brand Style by Rubi

Ruby Okidi : At Style by Ruby we intend to meet all the needs of our clients by giving them more than their expectation. We aren’t perfect but we strive to deliver the best at all times. We don’t blindly make outfits; we advise clients on what suits their bodies. At time we play stylist and image consultants.

What was your first ever fashion creation, what inspired it? Did you like it?

Ruby Okidi : My first ever creation was a sky blue dress with hot pink details. It was a sexy strapless dress with a high front slit. I wouldn’t say it was inspired by anything other than my love for African prints and my personality, sexy. I totally loved the outcome, so did the public, it made me start a fashion line.

What challenges do you face as designer from Africa?

Ruby Okidi : African designers have so many challenges but I believe Mtumba is a huge challenge. Imported second hand clothes are way cheaper than designer wear hence most people opt for them, unless they have functions and need something specific to be sewn. Mtumba is limiting that you only choose what you get. Another challenge is getting capital Very few get collateral to start businesses.

What does fashion mean to you?

Ruby Okidi : Fashion for me is an expression of oneself. It’s not a joke when I say there is someone who wears red pajamas when she is moody, and why black is a safe color for a first date. If you are keen, they are influenced by moods, the weather, and the event among others. Fashion is a lifestyle.

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