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Adidas Originals Revives adicolor Apparel Franchise in SS18

Posted On : January 23, 2018

Ann Mumbi


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Taking inspiration from the past collections, the SS18 offering plays with these iconic shades and creates tonal ensembles to render a palette relevant for today. adicolor SS18 offers a curated archive selection with the most influential adidas silhouettes of past decades in a self-referential play. Classic styles are reimagined for today through the use of innovative fabrics and refined fits. Style and taste move beyond fixed gender binaries – focusing on interesting product, not ignoring femininity but rather offering a more sophisticated acknowledgement of its many different faces.

Branding is refreshed by manipulating logo size and proportions and unexpected placement. For the global campaign, photographer Charlie Engman and director David Lane build irreverent monochromatic worlds of adicolor apparel, characters, descriptions, and objects. Together they create a fun and humorous tone across the campaign that emphasizes a gender neutral and diversity-driven approach.

Colour is celebrated in ways that are both familiar and surprising, aligning with the playful spirit of the collection. adicolor transcends cultures and eras to redefine itself in perpetually new contexts. Always taking colour seriously, and taking itself less seriously.

The adicolor collection has already been launch on January 18th at adidas Originals stores, Sportscene and www.adidas.co.za

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