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Exclusive Interview With Isabel Nyamgero Designer behind Iss By Iss Studio

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What’s your target market?

Isabel Nyamgero: my target market is…. as a people I am not being biased but my target is definitely not Kenyan,because of what I have told you basically its 18-35 years mostly, but If find I get like my mums age which is 60 that kind of age I customize for them because they don’t like at all so mostly is 18-40 years you find most people at 40 want to look young, but when I started the company I found it was mostly 18-35 years, people who approached me were 18-35.

but now I found most people approaching me are 32-45.mostly the people who appreciate my work are upper class, middle class mostly don’t appreciate my work  I found myself mostly struggled with middle class, mostly  upper class and lower class are the people who support me most , middle don’t support me much but you find   one or two do, but you find most are complainers you know most of them are corporate people but mostly I decided to go target outside  market market and decided like let me humble and deal with my Kenyan market.

What does fashion mean to you?

Isabel Nyamgero: many people look fashion as the the clothes i wear, how I look, but for me I think fashion is what I see myself to be, because I can think of fashion this way but how i do it, it can’t look well on you because fashion depend on my personality because i can’t wear my look then I shouldn’t even think about it ,

for me fashion is how as an individual looks for example Isabel what do I see myself when it comes to clothing , accessorizing it is me bringing out my personality to my clothing as opposed to many people look at fashion as what the designer are telling us.

I prefer to look at it as it is my personality described in my outfit described in how I put myself together , so then when me Isabel as your designer will help you bring yourself out to your clothing because I have the knowledge so i help you bringing yourself out and tell you this is what you like,

this is who you are but how can we make your outfit still look modern look trendy and still be you so is you wearing yourself not me telling you we are all wearing yellow and you wear. for me is how I bring out my personality but still look trendy for me that is fashion.

What’s your Unforgettable experience as a designer?

Isabel Nyamgero : I will not name names not even as a  designer I am saying it because  I will always go back to it when I get a challenge, it is when I had just left campus and I went to do a course it is  called adifer a certificate course I realized it didn’t have much because It was more of the stitching ,  the machine stuff which I knew yet I  wanted  the knowledge.

Anyway later on you know you want to go  and work  with people there  was  a day I went for a meeting  with one of the designers in this town  they had asked me to do some  pieces and few jewelry  for  some outfit that has been  made by someone else who was in the team so I did the stitching ,  and I remember we went for the meeting  in the meeting as we were presenting the drawing and the sketches ,

I think someone was like wow so this jewelry  how  does it look  , coz  you know   when you sketch  you are sketching on  the  sketch stereo  end so the designer who was under  said I don’t even know why the person who drew this did  I was  the one design had drawn these things I was seated there and she knew because she was the one who asked me to do it  coz I was learning  but I was doing different things that are not in  line  with design but she knew my passion and I had gone to work in the company because I wanted to learn I wanted to be attached but because of the  position  that was open   hat entailed  that I can be paid  I decided to take it ,

so and she says I don’t even understand  that thing always rings  in my head . why would she put me down like that in front of people ? and does that mean it’s how she actually puts me down that pushed me  to know that you know what  she is looking down at me for some reason when people put me down my drive has always be the negative vibe from other people, are what push me when you tell me I can’t I always believe I can ,  there are times  I  get challenges it  always take me back to that lady putting me down in front of people of coz she did not say that is the person but knowing that I was the one who had done the pieces  and in times I was there I had made 2 or 3 pieces jewelry pieces ,

I knew I was good some people told me I was good and upcoming you don’t put me down like that in front of people so in my designs I know I have had other experiences but this always stick in my head, coz this came when I  was deciding to get into the market and leave  science behind I am not totally left science because there are things I want to endeavor , but that was one of the drive I got , someone telling me that your stuff is nonsense in front of everyone and this is a corporate sitting this is a big company and you are putting me down knowing that I have  done it  so that is one of the experiences as a designer, just as I was getting into design that was the thought I had, I can give you many others but that is the one that always rings  in my head.

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