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Exclusive Interview With Isabel Nyamgero Designer behind Iss By Iss Studio

Posted On : June 4, 2018

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What’s your take about fashion growth in Africa?

Isabel Nyamgero :
  actually I would tell it has really grown since I started or since I have been on earth I think it is really growing and  we are getting many people are appreciating , first of all  Africa has started  to understand our potential of who we are and the outside world  that had shunned us  are starting to appreciate what we have , so you find  even the white  want to wear something print.

they want to buy print , everyone  want to market they want to buy stuff from Africa, sell in Africa and our fashion has really grown, it is sad that when you go outside Africa you see many people are appreciating Africa more than we do and you see we are having a challenge in Kenya we are appreciating  yes  what we have but we want to wear Kenyan , but we don’t want to talk  of  Kenya so the industry is growing and even when you go outside you are getting colour  band , you are getting  kitenge ,

everything is  leather everything  is African , it has really grown from when I was young  when kitenge would be my mother’s  age , like you see a kitenge you are like navaa  kitenge and when you are told to wear you  don’t want, now we have  some kids wearing and it has really shot up  in a very big percentage  and appreciation is growing, its just the appreciation of Kenyan artisan as opposed to Kenyan products is not  but it has really grown  much in Africa ,let me talk about Kenya because when I talk about south Africa , Nigeria its very different  but it has really grown .

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 year from now?

Isabel Nyamgero : in the next 5 years,let me tell you I see myself as an industry receptor , meaning I am not  just going to be  making what I am making,

I endeavor I will have built my company in the sense that I will head the design and then someone else is taking over or I will get a partner who decide, okay fine I am taking the company you have  shares because for me in five years I want to be a person changing the fashion industry to change how people are looking at fashion ,looking at designs,  how people are looking the world in  the eyes of creativity,

because what I would like to be In five years is not what I am doing right now coz right now  I am building pieces , making jewelry , making clothes but  for me that is not the bigger vision .the bigger vision is that fine we have made outfits ,fine we have made jewelry? but fine how do about these jewelry?

what does the need to know about fashion in Africa, how do I educate the mass about  yes you can have nice your nice clothes, you can have nice pieces , but how do I put myself together, how do I use what I like I do to change my surrounding , to change my country what I see myself being is a change , someone who will change the outlook of the world towards designs ,world towards Africa ,  what I see myself doing In five years ,  and I see myself doing using my fashion knowledge to incorporate with that  side of me.

Who would you like to work with or collaborate in fashion industry?

Isabel Nyamgero:  Who I would like to work with in Africa  in the world ,  actually that question I cannot give you a specific person , because we all have different trends , but I will give you but I cannot  have specific person because I used to be that specific person who  I will say I would like to work with Kiko , I would like to work with Rialto , I would like to work with Lupita stuff like that , But then I  got to realize in my endeavor  to look  for that one person.

I  worked with so many people got so many different  insight that to date  I don’t  have to look for someone to work with , I look at what kind of mind, you find there people  you would work with but they  do  good work  they are very good but don’t  have an open mind you find they probably   are stingy with their fame they want you to remain under you but they are very good intellectually.

But I know I would love to work internationally, I know I would love to work under the Tv production and directors who mostly do these Epic movies where you have the old English times, clothes that you have not cleaned, how to create hero movies doing a new kind of outfit for me it’s not about who but what? what kind of situation?  or what kind of surrounding?

I  would like to work under but honestly I can’t  give you a name because I stopped looking for names , but when people come my way I try to get the best out of it coz I realized everyone has something you can  pick from . but I have worked with people before.

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