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Natasha Sinayobye Talks Fashion, Being Fearless, and The Perks of Being a Farmer

Posted On : September 2, 2019

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“I can never show my home. I do not post my child, no. You see this is my cross to bear (fame), not his. I do not post him. My whole family is away from the media.”

Scroll through her Instagram feed and aside from one post of her brother, the rest is pretty much her at work.

We inevitably shift to talking about women; another topic Sinayobye is openly passionate about. We agree that there is a shift in how women relate with each other; not so much ferocious competition as lifting each other up. This change is in no small part due to pop and western culture.

“I think it’s also because of these mantras that are getting used, ‘women supporting women’. And people are like you know what, let’s be those women.” A personal favourite is ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women’- said by Madeline Albright, former US secretary of State.

“You understand!?” she agrees “And no one wants to go to hell.” She responds jokingly. She then insists on telling me about the fierce women she respects and admires; including renowned Ugandan designer, Fatumah Asha, who named a dress after her. “It’s even giving me goose bumps right now”, she says of the memory. “Anita BerylSheebah Karungi – we talked about her plans when we were younger and she has surpassed all the goals she had set for herself. And of course my mum, hands down. Who I am is that woman, and by the way the reason I am, is she beat me, she had to set me on the right path. There are so many women I admire that I cannot name them all.”

What does she think of the sexist and ageist roadblocks surrounding women?

“The one mistake women make is underestimating their own power. Being a feminist means understanding your power as a woman and using it to your advantage. We can take over the world, I don’t even know how women don’t know this yet. No man will stand in front of you and challenge you.”

She is disturbed by the unfair criticism on women’s bodies and how they dress. She calls out those who make these comments for feeling morally superior.

She particularly addresses the idea that an outfit worn by a woman can be distracting for a man; take for instance those women who have chosen to #freethenipple. To their critics, she offers a counter “…maybe even he isn’t wearing boxers but I won’t be staring at his crotch. Just because he is shirtless I won’t be staring at his chest.” She is quick to add that wearing what you want goes hand in hand with being confident about your choice. In short, wear the mini dress if you are comfortable with it. “Be confident in your stance. Don’t criticize yourself.” Advise that we can all apply to other areas outside of our fashion choices.

We wind up when her photographer, Ela of Mystique Photography comes to join her so they can set off for a photo-shoot. She introduces her and half-jokingly says ‘females supporting females’ before they leave.

The restaurant has filled up by now and there are a few stares. Because she is oblivious to them, so are we. Do I know her any better after more than an hour together? Yes, but only the areas she allowed to show. One thing though is clear; to talk to Natasha Sinayobye is to leave your preconceived notions behind. You don’t know her, not at all. But keep watching her, she’s just getting started.


Star: Natasha Sinayobye Model: Stallone Lubwama Story by Anna Kirya Photographed by Fred Bugembe Video by Gerald Ochieng Styled by Solomon Tazibone of Kredibilty Styling Makeup by Vanny Glam using Natna Lashes Assisted by Asaph Murungi Grooming by Breeze Serenity Salon N’ Spa Natasha’s hair from Natna Natural Hair Stockists: Iconic UG, Sham Tyra, Nalu Couture & Weren’t Born Rich Editor: Lyn Atwiine Creative Direction: Hassan & Banji

Content courtesy of Satisfashion UG & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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