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Tips and Benefits Of Diamond Facials

Posted On : July 3, 2018

Ann Mumbi


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Must-Try Diamond Facial Kits

1. Shahnaz Husain Diamond Skin Revival

I don’t need to introduce Shahnaz Husain and her products to you. This diamond kit contains a scrub, nourishing cream, mask, and a rehydrant lotion.

2. VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

This facial kit will give you a spa-like feeling and is designed to polish and rejuvenate your skin. This kit contains a scrub, massage gel, wash-off mask, and a detox lotion.

3. Nature’s Essence Diamond Kit

This facial kit has an immediate whitening effect on your skin. This kit contains an oxygel, oxytone, oxymilk, and oxy fair massage cream, a face pack, and a sun protection cream.

4. Biotique Diamond Facial Kit With Diamond Bhasma

Biotique is a brand known for its natural products. It contains a papaya scrub, a saffron massage gel, a clove pack, and a saffron youth dew cream. All the products contain diamond bhasma.

5. Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Cellular Radiance Facial Kit

This facial kit contains diamond and platinum dust, along with natural extracts, which leave your skin youthful, rejuvenated, and hydrated. This is a set of four products – an exfoliator, a scrub, an activator, and a face pack.

No. we’re not done yet. There are a few  precautions you need to take to keep the effect of the procedure intact.

Precautions To Follow After Diamond Facial

  • Avoid it if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • This is best suited for mature skin. If you are in your early 20s, do not undergo a diamond facial.
  • Avoid using a scrub for 5 days after you have had a diamond facial.
  • Avoid using any harsh soap-based face wash and soap on your skin. Use a gentle cleanser to clean your face.
  • Never apply makeup just after the facial.
  • Do not go for any other skin procedure (waxing or threading) after a diamond facial.
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