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Africa Fashion And Design Week 2022Featured Designers From 11 Countries

Posted On : October 17, 2022

Oscar Alochi


At the just concluded 2022 Africa Fashion and Design Week, designers from 11 nations, including Nigeria, displayed a variety of distinctive designs (AFDW).

The event, which has been successfully organized for ten years, celebrated its tenth anniversary with a number of events, including a business of fashion seminar, the Blue Perl Rising Star competition, and the runway shows, which took place on October 14 and 15, 2022.
Queengold According to Daniella Sekibo, the originator of Africa Fashion Design Week, the event has expanded and given birth to the Business of Fashion Seminar, a place for enhancing fundamental abilities.
“You want the new generations to take over as large designers prosper. One of the brands we’ve developed is the business of fashion seminars.

What we do is develop the younger generation, help them understand their basic fashion ideals, and support their growth, according to Sekibo.
According to her, the Blue Pearl Rising Star program seeks out and showcases up-and-coming designers.

She clarified that in addition to exhibiting their work at the AFDW, the designers are also given travel sponsorships to New York. According to her, “this year we would have some of our stars that we have discovered from scratch, help them grow and they would become great names and award winners which is a joy & delight for us.”

The event this year, with the theme “Imagine, Inspire, Spark,” gave participants a chance to learn about the history of AFDW, find inspiration, and ignite their passion to succeed in design.

“We want to motivate these designers because we are aware of the significant sign that the fashion industry brings to our nation. We included designers from across Africa as well as from beyond.

“Nigeria has designers as well as supermodels from Africa and the UK. This year, designers from 11 different African nations, including Nigeria, were featured. We had presenters for the Business of Fashion conference from the United States, Kenya, Ghana, and all of our key nations where we have had Africa Fashion and Design Week events, according to Sekibo.

She outlined how the Africa Fashion and Design Week was founded out of a drive to highlight Africa and present it in the best possible light.

“I do a lot in New York as a fashion enthusiast. The fact that I’m from Africa always gets designers and producers happy when I run into them backstage, at least for me.
I have to explain to them that there are numerous other nations, diverse cultures, large populations, and extremely imaginative minds. The Africa Fashion and Design Week was established as a result of this.

“I wanted to tell our story in a unique way, highlight the inventiveness of African designers around the globe, and provide a space where we could showcase our skills, connect with one another, and celebrate our success in the fashion business.
“We have traveled from Lagos to Los Angeles, New York, Nairobi, and Accra.
On our runway, the biggest names in the African fashion business have debuted.

Content courtesy of Bussines Day & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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