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African Dresses

Posted On : December 28, 2018

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Over the years, African fashion has grown in popularity with many fantastic designers, fashion bloggers and stylist in this area. The best thing is, you can really make it unique to your sense of style. There’s an outfit for every season and occasion whether you want to go casual, add colour to your work wardrobe or to a friends up coming wedding ,you can dress your outfit up or down to create the desired result you need.

The best things about African fashion is the array of bold statement colours and prints. You can either make your whole outfit bright, bold and beautiful or just choose a statement piece to incorporate into your look to add a new element of interest to that black blouse. Whether that is through a pair of shoes, stunning necklace or a flowing skirt, the end result is as fantastic as ever.

Perhaps the best thing about the variety of colours is that you can really match it to your personality and play around with the right tones that complement you and your skin tone the best. We say, have fun with it and experiment; you’ll soon learn what works for you.

You walk into a high street shop in any fashion store in Africa and most clothes have safe prints and patterns. African fashion is a lot more interesting with many different prints to choose from and all with a different meaning. The prints are used tell stories about Africa life , proverbs and traditional tales of most Africans.

We particularly love that you can clash your prints, which ensures your outfit truly is unique. It can be tricky to pull off, a top tip is to put together the style of pattern or colours used, so that the two prints you are planning on wearing together almost match, but not quite.

“Beauty of Africa “

With African fashion in your wardrobe, there are never ending options to dress up your outfit, whatever the occasion. For example if you fancy going out in your little black dress, breathe some new life into it by adding a focal point such as a sash, scarf or printed headband.

Just believe us, there is nothing difficult about African fashion. The trick is to subtly add it into your style as little or as much as your personality and fashion statement allows.

Not just a trend; African fashion is a life style and it here to stay as they as Africa is the future.

Content Courtesy of DMY and Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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