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African Fashion Conquering The Us Market

Posted On : March 15, 2023

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When the covid-19 outbreak crippled the continent’s apparel industry in 2022, Africa is back in style.
The United States imported apparel from Africa worth $3.491 billion last year, according to trade statistics acquired by Fiber2Fashion’s market analysis program TexPro.

Moreover, pants and shorts made up a total of 45.20% of the market, accounting for $1.578 billion. The remaining five key items of imported clothing were undergarments, sweaters, shirts, and T-shirts.

In particular, US imports of pants and shorts have climbed by more than 55% in the last two years following a pandemic-related fall in 2020, when they declined 14.21% to $1.014 billion, before rising by 32.88% to $1.347 billion in 2021. The value of imports from African nations rose by another 17.09% in 2022, reaching $1.578 billion.

In the previous year, imports of jerseys totaled 529.307 million dollars or 15.16% of the total. Similarly, the imports of shirts, T-shirts, and underwear were $446.874 million (12.80%), $319.666 million (9.16%), and $134.645 million (3.86%). According to TexPro, these top five products made up more than 86 percent of the whole incoming garment shipment from Africa to the United States.

Suits (2.23%), jackets and blazers (2.07%), babywear (1.89%), coats (1.38%), and sportswear (1.26%) were the top five other apparel items imported from the United States in 2022.

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