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African Fashion Foundation Set To Host First-Ever Creative Industry Retreat In Africa

Posted On : May 11, 2021

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The African Fashion Foundation (AFF) presents the first-ever Creative Industry Retreat in Africa. The three-day event is scheduled for Wednesday, 19th May to Sunday, 23rd May 2021 and aimed at igniting and facilitating critical and valuable discussions around the industry ecosystem.

The three-day event will provide a unique platform for industry players and stakeholders to convene, collaborate and build solid partnerships needed to scale the fashion ecosystem in Africa. Ghana is set to be the convening point for this trailblazing three-day event. It will focus on the theme “Building a Sustainable Value Chain for Africa’s Creative Industry”Discussions will focus on the need to forge real links in Africa’s creative industry, the strategic role of Development Finance Institutions within the sector and the need to drive the sustainability agenda.


This groundbreaking event seeks to foster industry collaboration and position the creative economy to become sustainable and resilient. It will host top creative industry players and professionals including Claudia Lumor – Glitz Africa, Adama Ndiaye – Adama Paris, Nisha Kanabar – Industrie Africa, Roberta Annan – African Fashion Foundation, Adeline Akufo-Addo Kufuor – The Lotte Accra; Viola Labi – Founder of Woven Worldwide, Jennifer Ronne – Victoria Grace Fashion; Fashion Icon & Broadcaster KOD, P. Y. Addo-Boateng – Mi Prime Entertainment, Emmanuel Uba Okoro – Emmy Kasbit, Nuel Bans – Debonair Afrik, Rebecca Donkor, Maame Adjei – Sweet Roots Media, Arieta Mujay Barg – Creative Strategist, Renown Fashion Writer Ekow Barnes, Writer & Humanitarian, Rozan Ahmed and Fredericka Brooksworth, Founder of Fashion Scholar.

The Retreat also seeks to reiterate AFF’s commitment towards sustainability and showcase its sustainability project, Recycle, Re-work, Re-use, a fashion sustainability project which was launched in March in collaboration with five young African fashion brands to address the issue of fashion waste and sustainable product life cycles. They include Omaliko Godson Ebuka- Maliko, Omafume Niemogha- Peperrow, Samuel Otteng, Baboa Tachie- Menson – Balm labs.

Content courtesy of Modern Ghana & Nairobi fashion hub 

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