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African Fashion: In A Double Performance, Kaijuka Abbas Conquers West Africa.

Posted On : March 8, 2023

Oscar Alochi


In a double performance, Kaijuka Abbas conquers West Africa.

Without a doubt, it is his universe, and the rest of us are likely gliding through it in a fog. The Ugandan designer keeps expanding his empire internationally. His most recent achievement was in West Africa, where he presented a collection of distinctive items at the Nook International Fashion Weekend in Nigeria last month.

An all-female collection featuring vibrant colors and edgy silhouettes was displayed by the designer who is known for these distinctive and audacious items that push the limits of fashion.
The designer’s heart and work were evident throughout the feminine collection.

For day two, the award-winning designer showed yet another spectacular collection, a celebration of masculinity, with the designs being bold, edgy, and style approved.

The second stop on his West African showcase tour took him to Lome, Togo, where he unveiled a range of clothing with a flamingo-hued monotone at the FIMO228.
The goal with these collections, according to Abbas in a statement following the display, was to celebrate life and bring that atmosphere to the Nook International Fashion Weekend and FIMO228.

“I wanted to demonstrate to the world the boldness, originality, and bravery of Ugandan fashion. And I think that with this collection, we achieved that goal. I could not be more pleased with my team, and I am eager to see where the Kai’s Divo Collection Brand will go in the future,” he said.

Content courtesy of Kai’s Divo Collection, Haguma Gloria & NFH



Oscar Alochi


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