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African Fashion International (AFI) Returns With 15 Iconic Designers

Posted On : March 31, 2023

Ann Mumbi


After a two-year absence due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the African Fashion International (AFI) successfully returned to Cape Town last week.
Among the 15 legendary designers that participated in the three-day event were Gavin Rajah, Kluk CGdT, Taibo Bacar, Loin Cloth & Ashes, Habits, MaXhosa Africa, Craig Port, Matt Nolim, Stefania Morland, Shana Morland, Imprint ZA, Hugo Fleur, Kat van Duinen, David Tlale, and Scalo.

The fashion and retail exhibition gave visitors the chance to not only see the clothes that had just come off the catwalk but also to talk to the designers about them.

The Mother City’s legendary ensemble Temple Boys appeared in a variety of performances for the guests. DJ Zinhle and Young Stunna, two luminaries in the industry, also delighted the audience.

The founder and executive chair of AFI, Precious Moloi-Motsepe, stated that the CTFW (Cape Town Fashion Week) is AFI’s platform for presenting Africa’s creative works while also creating avenues of trade interchange that would increase the industry’s economic value.

“The CTFW provides a chance for African designers to network with people in the global market as well as to promote their work. This is viewed as a means of increasing the economic worth of the sector, according to Moloi-Motsepe.

The AFI also revealed the names of the AFI Fastrack 2023 finalists, who will spend a year being mentored and receiving instruction on how to make a difference in the African fashion sector and develop into astute businesspeople.

African Fashion International is happy to report that Cape Town Fashion Week was a huge success, in large part because of the incredible talent and ingenuity of the participating designers.

Over the course of three days, there were 18 shows by 9 designers, making it a true celebration of the best African design talent.

The fact that so many people showed up after a two-year break showed that Cape Town Fashion Week was missed. The addition of the CTFW Fashion & Retail Expo gave visitors the opportunity to connect with the designers and view the clothes as they were still being worn off the catwalk.

The CTFW also provided a venue for presenting African artists’ works while fostering commercial routes. The CTFW Fashion & Retail, Music, and Art Expo featured a variety of expo stallholders, all of which profited from participating.

According to businesswoman Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, the executive chair and founder of AFI, “Cape Town Fashion Week is AFI’s platform for displaying Africa’s creative works while also developing corridors of trade interchange that will grow the industry’s economic worth.”

“CTFW provides a chance for African designers to network with people in the global market in addition to showcasing their work. This is thought to increase the economic value of the sector.

During CTFW, the Cape Town Temple Boys, DJ Zinhle, Young Stunna, and Scorpion Kings all gave fantastic performances for the audience.

A unique exhibition honoring 15 years of African Fashion International marked the conclusion of CTFW. 15 show-stopping outfits from 15 renowned designers who have been a part of the AFI platform since its start were included in this presentation. It was a celebration of both AFI’s work as a platform for outstanding Pan-African designers as well as its function as a catalyst in the global fashion industry.

Gavin Rajah, Kluk CGdT, Taibo Bacar, Habits, MaXhosa Africa, Craig Port, Matt Nolim, Stefania Morland, Shana Morland, Imprint ZA, Hugo Fleur, Kat van Duinen, David Tlale, and Scalo were among the performers on the program.

During CTFW, AFI also revealed the AFI Fastrack 2023, finalists. They will receive mentorship for a whole year, receiving instruction on how to become successful business people and designers who will have an impact on the African fashion sector.

Everything of the clothing displayed at CTFW is retail-ready and is offered at the House of Nala store in Sandton City as well as the AFI Online Store.

About African Fashion International (AFI)
In the past 15 years, AFI has been successful in bridging the gap between African fashion and international markets, launching and elevating designers to status on a global scale.
The goal of AFI is to create the finest business environment and platform for trade in African fashion and brands. Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who started AFI, was inspired to work with various talents on the continent by her love of African ingenuity, craftsmanship, and culture.

AFI is regarded as a ground-breaking platform that develops, finances, and supports the best African creative talent. Customers that value custom African luxury and craftsmanship, both domestic and foreign, are the target market for our goods and services.

We help international customers find distinctive, top-notch African luxury goods from established and up-and-coming designers. The best place to find information and news about the fashion business is AFI.

We can provide Events as a Service in lovely physical and virtual places thanks to our extensive talent and expertise in producing stylish events and curated lifestyle experiences.

Content courtesy of  African Fashion International (AFI), Sunday World, MENAFN- EIN Presswire & NFH



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