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African Fashion: Meet The Skilled Lebanese-Ivorian Designer Blending Lebanese And African Cultures

Posted On : September 21, 2022

Ann Mumbi


A young designer from Lebanon named Renwa Yassin grew up in Ivory Coast. In her designs, she incorporates motifs from the two nations that make up her personality, showcasing her dual culture back and forth.

The designer, who was born in Africa and has Lebanese ancestry, infuses each of her works with a distinctive flair in an effort to forge a solid and enduring connection between her two cultures and the worlds of fashion.

Using motifs taken from both the African and the Mediterranean surroundings, Yassin investigates fashion as a means of bridging Lebanon and the Ivory Coast.
In 2019, she made the decision to expand on her multi-cultural creative expression and launched her own fashion label, RNWA YASSN, where she designs wardrobes with cutting-edge cuts and subtle cross-cultural influences.

According to her, the brand “is the key to increasing creative conversations leading to a more sustainable way of working in the fashion business.” She thus supports the sector by selling eco-designs made by regional weavers and artisans at ateliers in Beirut and Abidjan.
Additionally, RNWA YASSN makes use of raffia, which is made from palm trees, organic cotton, linen, Tencel, recycled polyester, and natural dyes made from fruits, plants, and vegetables.

Renwa Yassin was a Finalist for the Ready-to-Wear category of the 2022 Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) Prize in July 2022.

She is getting ready to present her works in front of the FTA judges in October 2022 together with the other 23 rising designers from the area.

Today, prominent fashion and lifestyle publications like Vogue Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia regularly showcase Renwa’s gorgeous designs, recognizing her as a brilliant up-and-coming artist.

The secret to improving creative discussions that result in a more environmentally friendly method of operating in the fashion industry.

“RNWA YASSN, who was born and reared in Africa and has Lebanese ancestry, is familiar with the connections between the two cultures. The designer’s dedication to placing cultural heritage at the center of her maison was inspired by the proverb “Cultures have no bounds.”

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