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African Fashion Show Brings African Designers Together

Posted On : September 28, 2023

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On September 23, Scard Media held a prestigious lifestyle event to honor regional African fashion designers.
At the Alberton Hellenic Community Centre in New Redruth, designers and fashionistas from many cultures gathered to display their incredible talent.
The stunning and eagerly anticipated lifestyle exhibition honored South African designers as well as the rest of the continent.
The event featured captivating presentations of various African clothing brands, live modeling, breathtaking performances, and plenty of fun activities honoring Africa.

“Since it’s Heritage Month, we decided to do something that would bring together African designers and the South African culture,” said Giscard Ngwama, director of ScardMedia.
Our designers came from all over Africa; some were from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the DRC, and Nigeria. By recognizing our ancestry and variety, we are uniting Africans.

In addition to providing employment opportunities for locals, the well-attended event was sponsored by Lifestyle Property Group and backed by a number of other partners. Vinolia Mabele, Ms. United Nations International 2019, was also present.

Mbalenhle Vezi, the event’s organizer, claims that a lot of hard work paid off and made the event a huge success. She claimed that putting the concert together required at least three months.
“During the event, attendees also had a chance to network.
By hosting this concert in further African nations, we have our sights set on developing and increasing in the future.
We must break the cycle and become self-starters, she urged.

Content courtesy of Alberton Record & NFH

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