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African Fashion Show: DC Fashion Week Celebrates Its 37th Season

Posted On : October 4, 2022

Oscar Alochi


After celebrating its 37th season over four nights and showcasing models, designers, entrepreneurs, and guests, DC Fashion Week came to a conclusion. Menswear, Emerging Designers, and Couture designs by a broad group of creatives from both local and foreign origins showcase the multifaceted centrality of Washington, DC.

Williams, a native of Chicago, was inspired to create the semi-annual DCFW trade fairs by his professional experiences in the years after moving to Washington, D.C.
“I began my career as a model and actor before venturing into designing and beginning to produce. And as a designer, I wanted to increase awareness of our brand, Williams recalled.

“At the time, DC lacked a single reputable trade fair that truly displayed fashion, so I started fashion week,” the author said.
His expertise in managing the DC fashion market for more than 20 years was made clear by the 36 seasons that preceded the most recent DCFW.
A Menswear Collections show showcasing brands like Andrew Nowell Menswear, Earle Bannister, The Debonaire Club Clothiers, and Obioma Fashion marked the beginning of the Spring/Summer designer showcases.

The Friday, September 23 display was a significant departure from conventional ideas of masculinity in clothing, both formal and informal. The variety of shapes, patterns, and tales was inspired by experimentation and playfulness.
The menswear presentation showcased diversity and inventiveness in both models and designs, from Andrew Nowell’s silver-blue jacquard short set to Earle Bannister’s wool animal-eared masks.

The 37th season’s opening fashion show is taking place. William’s explained the significance he placed on the event: “We’re one of the few big fashion weeks that still has an exclusive menswear collection presentation that’s really important to me.

Designers from Saturday’s Emerging Designers Showcase, who ranged in age from nine to eighty and many of whom were DC residents paying respect to their homeland, used their creations to share their stories, bring attention to social issues, and acknowledge history and culture. History was the focus of one designer team’s collection, led by Coco Wright and Adisa Bomani of Coco Bomani.

Bomani means “warrior,” while Coco means “chocolate. The idea that slaves were the origin of all fashion was the idea behind Coco.
Without cotton, there would be no textile industry, thus we pay respect to everyone who helped bring Ean to this place, including your parents, ancestors, and your mother’s mother’s mother.

The individuals who brought you here are represented by what you wear from Coco Bomani, according to Bomani, who unveiled the brand’s cutting-edge and detailed creations.
When displaying her varied ‘My Closet’ collection, Delight Dzansi, CEO and creative director of alkeBULAN and a graduate of the University of Maryland had a similar concept for her brand’s target market.

In order to provide ethnic clothing for Africans and people of African origin worldwide while also generating employment, alkeBULAN was founded in 2018.
Designer Aje’Ne Thomas of the Accept All Love All company created a palette of vibrant colors specifically for people who struggle with sadness and anxiety.

Briscoe Nero, the designer of Fedele Nero, devoted his collection to his hometown in Washington, DC, by accentuating designs with local cues like the cherry blossom branches that ran along the seams of some of his outfits.
Creatives had a forum to promote the topics and cultures they care about thanks to the Emerging Designers presentation.

The crowd felt opulent on the final night of festivities when International Couture ensembles were unveiled. While some labels, including Williams’ Corjor International, Eryn Boggs, and Troy Anthony made their only weekend appearance on the final night, others, like Obioma Fashion, recategorized themselves for comebacks.

Content courtesy of The Hilltop Online, DC Fashion Week & NFH


Oscar Alochi


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