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Africans Must Marry Dressed In Their Native African Attire – Says Reno Omokri

Posted On : January 4, 2021

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Reno Omokri espouses so much wisdom but sadly, the nuggets of acuity he propagates on his social media handles designed to change the mindset and lifestyle of Africans are yet to be assimilated.

The former presidential spokesperson and lawyer have dropped another beautiful piece on his Twitter handle about the way we conduct weddings in Africa. In his estimation, Africans should drop the tie and suit for their native dresses during wedding ceremonies since white weddings only resonate with the white people and not Biblical.

He said on Twitter; “In 2021, Africans don’t need a suit and tie and a white dress for weddings. The entire structure of the White Wedding is fashioned after EUROPEAN culture NOT Christian culture. Today, even African Muslims now do it. Marry in your native African wears!”

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