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Aisha Baker

Posted On : May 31, 2019

Fashion Tribe Influencer


Aisha Baker is a Muslim influencer, wife, and mother, as well as the founder of the popular blog, BakedOnline. She writes about style, beauty, lifestyle, and family, covering a wide range of topics, from how to style a pregnancy bump during Ramadan to how to get the best results from bronzers.

Most parts of Africa do not allow Muslim women to have equal opportunities like men. Aisha being a female Muslim blogger inspires other female Muslim to do whatever makes them happy and that is what makes me adore her and her work.

 love dressing up for Eid, and I always have! But since I have become a mum I’ve had a taste for the more practical side of life. This got me thinking around my first Eid as a mother and whether I want to spend money on another outfit for Instagram that cannot translate to my real life or be worn again after that day!


South African fashion and style aficionado most well known for her site Baked The Blog. She has earned tens of thousands of followers and been featured in publications like Elle and Glamour creating fashion tips and makeup advice

The Aisha Baker luxury jewelry brand was launched few years, with an enchanting collection that seeks to capture the youthful wonder of bewitching fairytales. Aisha Baker lets our imagination thrive. Each piece emerges from mysterious takes and folklore, and hidden meanings and messages are expressed in their unique design.

Every single piece is handcrafted in London and each one revisits classic fairytales, shaped by human imagination to suit the modern woman. When luxury purveyor Aisha met celebrated designer Hoonik Chang, a vision was shared and the brand was born.

Hoonik studied Metal Production Design in South Korea before moving to London to study at Central Saint Martins, where he won Theo Fennell’s Overall Best award in 2015 for his BA Jewelry Design Degree Show. He has also received awards from both Cartier and Avakian.

Content courtesy of Aisha Baker & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Fashion Tribe Influencer

We encourages all aspiring fashion bloggers not to give up on your dream do what you love, and saying Whats on your mind, “post regularly and don’t give up! The worst thing you can do is have big breaks of not posting—your readers will feel really disappointed, and you’ll lose their attention.”


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