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An Nisa

Posted On : June 7, 2019

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Fatmah Naeem began designing while studying optometry in the UK,instead of focusing on her lectures, Naeem would sketch outfits that she dreamt of making.

She decided to follow her dream and become a fashion designer, Naeem began studies in fashion design in Canada and never looked back,In 2012, Fatmah launched An-Nisa Abayas, mixing her Arabic and Indian heritage into her designs.

We always love a little drama in our Eid Collections, this year we wanted to give you light fabrics with pops of color here and there. Our Silk Kaftans are decorated with intricate hand embroidery in soft pastel colors.

An Nisa draws influence from the designer’s Indian/Zanzibari background. Named for the fourth chapter in the Holy Quran, which has 176 verses referring to women, brand was born from a need to provide local, contemporary designs to Tanzania’s sizable Muslim population.

There is a dark heart in all of us speaking to a forbidden interest in the things we don’t often speak about,Veils, lace, layers of luxurious fabrics and edgy silhouettes.
​​​​​​​This is a collection that honors all the things hidden with beauty,A combination of romanticism and a dark threatening appearance, is a common theme in this collection. While I was designing, I had a supernatural character in mind; Witches.

As the brand evolved, Naeem began to expand her range, incorporating kimonos and kaftans, in addition to the abayas that are the foundation of An Nisa. Using materials such as pure silk and lush velvet and incorporating a variety of prints and textures, An Nisa continues to create designs that span borders and cultures.

Content courtesy of An Nisa & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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