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Azziad Nasenya Kenyan TikTok Queen is Highest Paid Influencer in Kenya, 28th in Africa

Posted On : August 15, 2021

Oscar Alochi


Azziad Nasenya is the highest-paid influencer in Kenya, well her rate cards were shown to the public a while back which made a lot of people envious of her,  let’s face it she is earning a lot of money and she knows it, the brand that she has created over time after bursting into the scene with  “Utawezana” song by Mejja and the Kenyan female rapper Femi One made her start to shine more and so is her brand ” Azziad Nasenya ”

Azziad Nasenya, Anerlisa Muigai ranked top 30 on the Instagram rich list of Africa’s best-paid influencers according to Hopper HQ which ranked Azziad Nasenya and Anerlisa Muigai among some of the best-paid celebs on Instagram from Africa, The analytics firm made a list on their website ranking Azziad at number 28 in Africa and 257 in the world, with Anerlisa at number 30 in Africa and 271 worldwide

This is according to Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling, planning, and analytics firm that ranked the 100 most paid public figures on Instagram from the world and Africa. Azziad and Anerlisa were ranked in positions 28 and 30 respectively in the Africa top 50 lists, and positions 257 and 271 in the world’s top 400 list.

According to Hopper, for one to advertise their business on Azziad’s Instagram, they will have to pay KSh 545K for a single post, and for Anerlisa, she allegedly gets KSh 436k per paid post. These celebrities have a huge number of followers on the said platform, with Azziad topping Anerlisa with 1.3 million compared to the Keroche heiress’s 993k followers. According to the site, the top three best-earning celebrities on Instagram are Mohammed Salah, Davido, and Yemi Alade in that order.

Some of the other Kenyan celebs who appeared on the list are Wabosha Maxine at number 35, Joy Kendi (37), Sharon Mundia (38), and Silvia Njoki (45).

Here is the full list of African Instagram influencers 2021

Hopper did not explain how they got to the numbers or what criteria they used to rank the celebrities, This could also be the estimates that Instagram uses to rank the celebs with; hence they could be earning less, or even more, for an Instagram post.

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