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Beauty Istanbul 2019

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Visited locations included emerging markets for cosmetics and beauty industry such as Brazil, Panama, Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica in South America; Benin, Chad, Djibouti, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania and Togo in Africa; Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in South East Asia.

In addition to these special focus regions, Beauty Istanbul  conducted on site activities in regional markets such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in Eastern Europe; Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan in Central Asia; Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Kuwait in Middle East on top of Arabic speaking countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Libya and many more cities in Europe and Asia.

Promotion activities resume at full pace going into 2019, featuring the Beauty Istanbul at several events in Tokyo, Nairobi, Paris and Dubai simultaneously during January. Beauty Istanbul  will continue to be present at sectoral events all around the world in 2019 from Havana to Jakarta, Düsseldorf to Cairo, New York to Mumbai, Moscow to Casablanca and in many more destinations in every continent.

Hope to see you at Beauty Istanbul  on October 2 – 3 – 4 2019 in Istanbul, one of the world’s most attractive cities!

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Content courtesy of Beauty Istanbul & Nairobi fashion hub

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