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Binti Naturals

Posted On : June 4, 2019

Ann Mumbi


Binti is a Kenyan beauty company that creates organic hair and beauty products.
Our products are organic and made in Kenya using raw materials sourced throughout the Africancontinent.

Binti Naturals is 100% natural and organic, it nourishes and heals hair and skin leaving it well moisturised and protected throughout the day. Our products are paraben, sulphate, petroleum, mineral oil and cruelty free. They are also pregnancy and baby friendly. Binti Naturals Hair and Body Butter is a tips-to-toes moisturising balm that keeps your entire body moisturised. Binti Naturals Hot Oil Treatment is roots-to-ends deep conditioning oil treatment that locks in moisture and softens any hair type. Binti Naturals Edge Control is a moisturising edge gel that tames those fly-aways while still keeping your edges moisturised and cared for. Binti Naturals Whipped Organic Shea butter is a great addition to any hair or beauty regimen used alone or mixed with your favourite natural oils.


Our flagship product is an organic hair and body butter that nourishes and heals hair and skinleaving it well moisturized and protected.
Our line now includes a mildly fragrant vanilla body oil as well as a deep conditioning hot oiltreatment that locks in moisture and revitalized natural hair.

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