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Chic Ama Nigerian Born Style Blogger Based in Washington DC

Posted On : March 6, 2020

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Chic Ama, a Nigerian fashion blogger who resides in Washington DC, USA has not ceased to recreate fashion trends with her style. The fashion blogger enjoys experimenting with different types of fashion.
She creates style inspiration for street fashion with her daily post on Instagram and her website. Chic Ama is a force to reckon with in the world of fashion.

A glance through her stunning pictures will literally leave thousands of fashionistas dreaming of living her amazing life,Her brand name, Ama, has grown to become a well-grounded force to reckon with in the international fashion and style community, Chic Ama’s style is the purest possible definition of a classic chic. Her style is simply flawless.

Chichi Ama street fashion blogger  with high sense of creativity 


Chic Ama is fashion blogger and  owner of “chicamastyle.com”, proud mother, and wife to a loving husband. Chichi who is based in Washington, USA, started blogging as a result of her social media followers, friends and family who saw how neatly and creatively she was able to combine styles, and recreate trends.

She’s of the opinion that being “you don’t have to break the bank to look expensive and gorgeous”. She also has her private business as a personal stylist.

Chichi of the blog Chic Ama Style, is a stylish African woman currently residing in Washington DC. Chic Ama describes fashion as defining who you are as an individual based on the colors you put together, combined with good accessories to give that finished unique appearance.

Her sense of style is what I would describe as high fashion, DIY gorgeous, classy and elegant. She loves figure hugging styles, high heels, statement sunglasses and statement  bags. Her posts are usually on an outfit of the day basis, which clearly indicates that she slays all day.

Chicama is not only a fashion blogger but also a brand influencer, personal stylist and personal shopper

Content courtesy of Chic Ama Style & Nairobi fashion hub

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