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Da Zukunst featuring Cedar Case in Halleluyah

Posted On : September 16, 2020

Oscar Alochi


Nigeria Meets Germany as Dazukunst Release “Halleluyah”

Hip Hop band “Da Zukunst” release “Halleluyah” –the second part of their trilogy “Faith, Love, Hope”

Not long ago, the world needed a lot of LOVE in times of self-isolation and physical distancing. Love on all channels. Love for lonely souls. For people at higher risk from coronavirus (COVID-19), who could not receive visitors?

For single mums who could not take their children to childcare. For freelancers, artists, restaurant and club owners and many others fearing for their livelihood. For burned-out nurses working in 12-hour shifts. We all are facing so many challenges, fears and issues that the importance of love, care and compassion can all too easily be forgotten.

Francis „Blak – I“and Mattan Original from “Da Zukunst” recognized these issues and spontaneously released their first single “Love Now”. Without much planning or a marketing concept, it was all about instantly reaching as many people as possible and to spread love. Originally, the song “Klickz” was planned as the first single. “Klickz”, featuring singer and actor Michael Davies, is also going to be released later this year.


In the meantime, “Da Zukunst” prioritized other songs – special times call for special measures. And while LOVE is incredibly important during these times, we need more than that. “Faith, Love, Hope” is what the world needs right now.

For this very reason, “Da Zukunst” released their new song “Halleluyah” featuring Nigerian singer Cedar Case. For all believers, for all those who cannot gather to live and celebrate their faith, to praise God. For all those who are not losing faith and hope. For all those who know how important it is – especially during these difficult times – to be grateful to our almighty God…even for the small stuff that we so often take for granted.

The music video by Martin Tröster – created with the loving support of the ever-growing “Da Zukunst” family – highlights that nothing compares to praising the Lord with beautiful gospel music.

Get ready to worship with “Da Zukunst” and Cedar Case.

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Oscar Alochi


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