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David Avido Ochieng Icon Of Hope In Kibera

Posted On : April 16, 2020

Oscar Alochi


David Avido Ochieng was born and raised in Kibera, Nairobi. As the firstborn in a family raised by a single mum, he had to take responsibility early. Dropping out of school, because money was short, he started to work long hours – without any hope that his paycheck will ever be enough to support his three siblings and mother the way they deserve.

Frustrated, he quit his jobs and reflected on what he wants from life and what is holding him back. Was it Kibera? People have strong opinions on this place, but most of them have never come here. Avido never felt that coming from Kibera was something to be sorry for. The opposite was the case. Kibera inspired him.

“There is no barrier,if you believe in your talent and take the next step, I want to encourageand create beauty,where people don’t expect.”
~ David Avido ~

This awareness is what started the lookslike avido story in 2017, when Avido decided to sew stage outfits for his dance crew himself. Through finishing his fashion & design diploma at Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts, he developed a solid skill set to grow as a designer. He took it from there and started expressing his message through crafting handmade pieces in Kibera.

By word of mouth, a diverse set of people in Nairobi soon got to know the designer and tailor with his iconic straw hat. Ruven came on board a German, who came to Nairobi to work and explore the city’s scene of creatives and start-ups. Cooperations with international musicians followed and lookslike avido received attention from Kenyan and international media.

Cologne in Germany became the service and distribution centre for lookslike avido fashion in Europe. The city celebrates diversity, is a centre for creative industries and a great location to reach people all over Europe and world wide.

David Avido Imapact on his Community 

Our goal is to localize our sourcing to the maximum and become 100% organic, By becoming part of the lookslike avido-story, you make Kibera proud and create opportunities:
We currently hire 12 local tailors (7 female, 5 male) on assignment basis. Fair remunerations are self-evident. Permanent employment is our goal, including pension payments and health insurance

  • We are part of the community
    • Schoolfees for 10 pupils in 2019: lookslike avido supports young students
    • 13 school uniforms in 2019: lookslike avido provides school uniforms to kids that can’t afford them
    • 150 youths mentored (2019): Youths want to know more about David Avido. We engage in mentoring youths from neighbourhoods like Kibera, to help them focus on their talents
    • 3 compound cleaning activities (2019): We regularly organize compound cleaning activities to make Kibera a cleaner place
  • 100% of our fabric is used. All left-overs are processed to shopper bags or donated to tailoring classes in the area
  • Our packaging and logistics in Europe are climate-neutral. We use recycled materials, where possible. You won’t find plastic in your LLA-box
  • 100% of our profit is re-invested into localizing the value chain

Content courtesy of Lookslike Avido & Nairobi fashion hub 


Oscar Alochi


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