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Posted On : February 10, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Deacons is a leading fashion retailer in East Africa, with department stores in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The company puts into practice its motto “We make you look and feel good” in the high quality of its products and customer service. Deacons offers home-grown brands (Angelo, 4U2 & Deacon’s Kids Stores) and runs well-known franchises, including Truworths, Bossini, Adidas, Reebok, Life Fitness and F&F.

At Deacons, customers can find many products in various categories, including clothing, footwear, accessories, toiletries, gifts, home furnishings, cosmetics, sporting goods, and more.

A system that supports the vision

Deacons’ vision is to “passionately connect customers to their desired lifestyle”. Deacons decided to implement a management system that could support their retail strategy. The company came across LS NAV, and realized that the system was the perfect one-stop-shop for their needs. The most important features when it came to selection were LS NAV’s powerful, flexible POS, and the presence of much-needed functionalities such as back office management, support for loyalty programs, integration with e-commerce and mobility solutions – all in one system.

Deacons engaged Just Dynamics Software Solutions, an LS Retail partner based in South Africa, to manage the implementation and breathe life into its customer experience.

Ann Mumbi

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