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Design Essentials, A Premium Haircare Company, Introduces A New Product In Kenya.

Posted On : October 28, 2023

Ann Mumbi


Kenya, Nairobi: October 28, 2023 In an effort to keep growing throughout Africa, haircare specialty brand Design Essentials®, which treats curly and overly coiled hair, has introduced a new line of hair products into Kenya. The African Chebe Hair Growth Collection was created using native African knowledge and natural African ingredients to satisfy the unique needs of African hair types. It will be sold in Kenya by Belle Afrique Kenya, their six-year distribution partner.
Design Essentials’ International Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Sharon Thompson, made the following remarks during a media launch event in Nairobi:

“We are excited to be in Kenya and present our consumers with the Design Essentials® Chebe line.
They have quickly embraced and valued the functionality of our offerings.
We hope that our business partners will embrace the range to support the expansion of the local hair, beauty, and cosmetics industries and that this new system will fulfill their needs in terms of strengthening hair.

McBride Research Laboratories, an Afro-American-owned company with over thirty years of experience creating hair care products that work for all hair types, is the company that makes Design Essentials.

Natural components from Chad are used to make African Chebe. The Basara Women of Chad have been gathering and combining plantain seeds, cloves, lavender, cherry seeds, crotons, stone fragrance, and resin tree sap for ages, then grinding it into a thin brown powder.
After mixing the powder with either water or oil, a paste resembling a mask is applied to the hair shaft, braided, and kept in until the following wash day, when the procedure is repeated.
Their strong, thick waist-length hair is now admired worldwide as a result of this.

The Basara Women have generously shared their ancient customs with us, and we are honored to use this knowledge, along with our research, development, and manufacturing skills, to create a product that addresses the long-standing issue of African hair growth, retention, and strength. African Chebe is made especially to strengthen, hydrate, and nourish hair.
African Chebe is a product made especially to strengthen, nourish, and revitalize hair. We have promised to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the African Chebe Collection back to the communities in Chad in exchange for their sharing of their indigenous knowledge with us and enabling us to purchase the natural ingredients from them there, Ms. Thompson continued.

The Next Supermodel in Africa

This year’s Africa’s Next Supermodel Finals, a prestigious continental modeling competition and reality TV show, will take place on October 28, 2023, at the Radisson Blu, Uperhill. African Chebe is the Hair Brand Partner for this event and is supporting the Design Essentials Social Responsibility initiative in Africa. African Chebe’s entry into the Kenyan market coincides with this event.
Design Essentials’ core value is giving back, so it makes perfect sense for them to partner with Africa’s Next Super Model as their hair brand.
According to Ms. Thompson, “Design Essentials strongly aligns with Joan Okorodudu’s vision and mission of creating a successful modeling career path for her contestants, some of whom are from refugee camps.”

Braid & Twist-Out Styling Crème, Anti-Breakage Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, Chébé Herbal Pre-Wash Intense Repair Masque, and Strengthening & Moisturizing Styling Mousse are all part of the collection that was just introduced today.

Follow and get in touch with Distributor Belle Afrique Kenya on Instagram at @belleafriquekenya for additional details regarding the range’s availability. 0723 949880 (phone)
Follow Design Essentials on Instagram at @design_essentials_kenya to stay up to date on product updates, promotions, hairstyle advice, and tutorials.

Content courtesy of Design Essentials and NFH

Ann Mumbi

An expert in style and image, Fashion Addict focuses on brands worn by showbiz stars who have large numbers of fans worldwide Member Of #NairobiFashionHub Team

Ann Mumbi

An expert in style and image, Fashion Addict focuses on brands worn by showbiz stars who have large numbers of fans worldwide Member Of #NairobiFashionHub Team


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