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Egyptian Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

Posted On : May 25, 2018

Ann Mumbi


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6. Application of hair oil was one of the most vital parts of Egyptian beauty regimen. People loved to use almond oil, castor oil and sometimes even rosemary oil for fueling the growth of hair.

7. Hair mask was also very popular in Egypt. Women used to condition their hair and make it stronger with the help of a rich and luxurious mixture of extra-virgin olive oil and coconut milk.

8. You will be surprised to know that the great Egyptian beauty Cleopatra was very much fond of a body wash that was prepared by mixing the milk of donkey with the dung of crocodile!

Egyptian Makeup Secrets
1. Women in ancient Egypt were known to highlight their eyes by lining them perfectly with lead sulphide as well as its mineral ore ‘galena’.

2. Saffron, the expensive spice obtained from the flower of the plant Crocus Sativus, was applied to the eye lids as a natural eye shadow.

3. Egyptians discovered an excellent way to make the eye brows darker naturally. They used to burn almonds and apply them to the brows for this purpose.

4. Red ochre, which is basically the reddish earth pigment holding hydrated iron oxide, was used for giving the lips a beautiful red colour.

5. Egyptian women were also aware of the application of henna. They used to color their hair as well as nails with it to give them a yellowish-red hue.

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