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Egyptian Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

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6. A hair styling gel made of shea butter and coconut oil was well-liked in the country and people used it for keeping their hairdos intact for long.

7. It was the ancient Egyptians who first came up with the concept of ‘body sugaring’ for the removal of unwanted body hair. The process was helpful in taking out the hair right from the roots.

Egyptian Fitness Secrets
1. Regular practice of swimming in the River Nile was the biggest fitness secret of ancient Egyptians. They used to arrange lots of swimming competitions throughout the year and put their skills into practice for keeping themselves fit and strong.

2. Gymnastics, one of the most celebrated sports these days, was invented by Egyptians. These exclusive floor exercises were meant for enhancing fitness, boosting flexibility, improving strength and staying in shape. They also used to practice rhythmic gymnastics, which is a more upgraded version of regular gymnastics intended for better fitness.

3. Ancient Egyptians also loved to play hockey to stay fit, make the cardiovascular system stronger and heighten the strength of the muscle fibres.

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